Basement waterproofing is a treatment which prevents water from entering into a basement area. Water may make its way into a basement through a variety of means including improperly sealed mortar joints, walls or floors. In order to limit the amount of water entering a basement area or a crawl space, every home owner should think, rather sooner than later, about protecting his or her house from overflow of water by basement waterproofing. Improperly waterproofed basements can cause growth of mold and illnesses in you and your family. To protect your health and your most valuable investment, your home, Adam Basement, Inc. offers industry-leading methods of internal and external waterproofing for basements and crawl spaces.


The Zoeller model 507 Basement Sentry is a 12 volt Backup sump pump system that you can add to your existing sump pump installation to pump even when power is lost. It consists of a 12V - 12 Amp pump capable of pumping 23 GPM at 5 foot of head, or 12.5 GPM at 10 foot of head. The control box has battery burn out and overcharge protection, along with a 10 amp battery recharger. The solid state control has lights to indicate power supply on, battery partially charged, battery fully charged, pump alarm off, and a run light. An alarm will emit a continuous steady beep when the battery is low. System comes with the check valve, float switch, and fittings to install in your current system. A fully charged battery, when the pump is operating continuously, will run approximately 9 hours.


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