Go from damp an dangerous to cleanr and safe with our crawl space solution

Do you know what is living under your floors in the crawlspace? You might be surprised to learn that floors and ducts are dripping with moisture, mold is growing on the wood, and animals are all lurking below. If you could eliminate the moisture down there, the problem would go away. Vapor Barrier is a multi-ply nylon weave and polymer laminate. The opaque White on White eliminates unwanted translucent blotches normally seen in White on Blue barriers. A dirt crawlspace is typically saturated with moisture.  Since warm air rises, the moisture in the crawlspace will rise in the home or building.  Installing a vapor barrier provides the crawlspace with a moisture protection layer to protect the structure from the negative effects of moisture such as mold, floor failure, increased electricity costs, odors, insects, and dust mites. Moisture effects can also cause or worsen conditions such as asthma, hay fever, and/or other allergies. You are most likely spending money on utilities you could be saving if your crawlspace was sealed.  Many homeowners realize the savings when their heating bill arrives, their floors are warmer, and their homes lack that musty smell when the spring rains come.

Crawlspace or basement insulation in your home is more important than you may think. 15% or more of a home's total heat loss can be attributed to an improperly insulated or un-insulated crawlspace or basement. Reflective foil insulation is an excellent product to use for insulating a crawlspace and basement. It is strong, light weight and very clean. Radiant barrier bubble insulation provides a moisture vapor barrier and controls temperature and prevents cool, damp air from invading the floor above creating an R-value of 10.5.


When installed in a crawlspace or basement, reflective bubble insulation keeps your home's floors warmer in your living area above while regulating temperatures below as well.