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4 Benefits of Basement Egress Window

Many homes do not have proper access to the basement and actually create a danger in the event of a fire or other emergency. This is especially true in older homes where poor ventilation and lack of access are the primary issues.

An egress window is defined simply as access to a basement, but most local codes require that an adult can easily fit through. If you are looking to install basement egress, look for a basement egress window contractor with experience and expertise in the field.

An egress window is a point of entry or exit from your basement and is a life saver in case of a fire emergency. If a fire breaks out and all your interior basement exit points are blocked, an egress window becomes your only escape. Many local laws states that an egress window needs to be of a particular size so as to accommodate a full-grown adult as well.

These are the top 4 benefits of installing an egress window in your home:

1.More Light!

When you hire a basement egress window contractor, you are hiring someone to shine the light in on your basement. A well-lit home is all about good vibes and avoiding a dark and dingy room. Since the basement is below ground level they typically don’t receive much natural sunlight and instead use artificial lighting. An egress window ensures that your basement is naturally lit up no matter how big or small.

2.More Safety!

Imagine that you are either working or playing with your kids in the basement, and the house catches fire or there is flooding. What happens if the inside stairwell is blocked by fire or water and electrical wires? That’s why an egress window in your basement is a required means to escape to safety. Additionally, an egress window makes it easier for the rescue crew to enter into your basement and help you in any type of emergency.

3.More Value!

State regulations have made it mandatory for basements to have an egress window. If you have converted your basement into a bedroom or workspace, you may not even be able to realize full value of your home without basement egress. If your house doesn’t abide by your local and state rules, the value of your home will go down when you want to sell your house. An egress window can also increase your livable square footage, potentially adding even more value.

4.More Comfort!

An egress window aids in proper ventilation, keeping clean air circulating assisting in the prevention of mold and mildew. Most underground areas become moist and start developing these molds and mildew if not cleaned and dried regularly. But an egress window helps to keep the basement comfortable and dry and maintains a consistent temperature as well

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