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Advantages of Egress Windows

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Egress Windows are installed as an escape route in emergencies like a fire, flooding, or such. They are about 6 square feet, big enough for an adult human to climb out of the room or the indoor space. An egress window also works as the route to go in during a case of fire for firefighters. Egress windows are usually installed in basements but are sometimes also installed in the sleeping room. Usually, the laid-down rules and regulations require the mandatory installation of egress windows. And there are other benefits as well.


With egress windows, you have an escape route in case of an emergency which assures your safety. Fire and such accidents are unforeseen, and you cannot wait for such accidents to happen and then think of a solution. It would help if you had precautions already taken and escape routes ready for you. Especially if you are using the basement regularly for activities like gaming, laundry room, or anything at all, you need to make sure it is a safe space, and egress windows provide you that safety in the basement.


Egress windows are 6 square feet big, so they are enough for plenty of daylight to come into the basement or any indoor spaces. We always prefer maximum daylight to illuminate our room because it is healthy for us; a good amount of sunlight helps us regulate our sleep cycle or the circadian rhythm. It also helps save a lot of money on electricity bills because you won’t need to use artificial light when you have plenty of sunlight.


Basements are closed spaces with little to no ventilation. The air in the basement can make you uncomfortable because of the lack of good ventilation. Good ventilation stops the mold and mildew that usually grow in the dark, humid and less ventilated areas. Egress windows provide good ventilation, providing fresh air and keeping the basement fresh and easy to breathe. Basements with no ventilation can be dangerous and trigger allergies due to mold, mildew growths, and insufficient fresh air.


The basement’s egress windows might not be visible from the curb, but they can be installed in a way that becomes visible when looked at closely. More importantly, if you use your basement as a habitable space, such as a work room or study room, you would want the whole area to look good. Like any other room in your home, you would design the basement to look aesthetically pleasing. Egress windows come in wide varieties, and you can choose the kind that adds to or fits in perfectly with your aesthetics of the basement. Basement egress window costs less and has ample benefits to consider; hence you should get them for your basement.

Good ventilation, stylish look, sunlight source, etc., are some of the many benefits. It would help if you did not forget that apart from the benefits, installing an egress window in the basement is mandatory because it is a safety measure that can save lives. If you are looking for egress windows for your basement, you can contact us today and have them installed immediately.

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