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  • Polish Festival 2014

    Mr. Raindrop at the Polish Festival with one of his fans :)

  • Things You Should Know About Basement Egress Windows

    Imagine being trapped in your basement because you can't get up the stairs or out of the main door due to a fire or some other unforeseeable circumstance. What will you do if you can't get out? Egress windows are useful in these situations. They are essential components for home safety because they can serve as an emergency exit in dire situations. Egress windows also offer a slew of other advantages that will improve your home's comfort and value such as increased natural light. If you are trying to find out about egress windows and information regarding basement egress window installation costs and benefits, they are mentioned below. What is an Egress Window? The word "egress" implies "to exit" or "to go." During an emergency, egress windows can be used to find a way out. To be legal, they must be large enough to allow a large adult male to pass through. When a newly constructed basement is being finished, the contractors are usually required to be added as well according to building code regulations, and they are accompanied by a ladder with steps to offer a secure and safe exit. Egress windows are also a mandatory component of any room allocated for sleeping when building a new home. If you live in an older home, you probably don't have one in your basement or bedroom. If not, installing one would be a wise decision to ensure that everyone who lives in your home has a way out if an unfortunate event arises without any warnings. Benefits of Basement Egress Windows While safety is a major consideration when installing egress windows, it isn't the only advantage they provide. Egress windows are a popular choice among home buyers. With all of the advantages they provide, it is easy to see why. You can expect the following benefits if you choose to install these windows: Natural Light - The egress window is large enough to bring a significant amount of natural light to a basement that is otherwise dismal and dark. This benefit is particularly enticing if you have a bedroom in your basement or plan to have one in the future. Raise the Value of Your Property- Egress windows can raise the value of your property by providing square footage. According to the International Code Council, all finished basements containing usable sections, such as bedrooms, are required to have an egress window. From the exterior, an egress window can add to the beauty of your property. Depending on your budget, you may select materials that match the design of your house. The above-mentioned points should help you better understand what an egress window is and how it can benefit from having one installed in your property. If you decide to install an egress window, contact us for the best egress window contractor at the most competitive pricing.

  • The Need for a Basement Backup Sump Pump

    At times, it may seem that the rain won’t stop. And when it keeps raining, there is always a chance of flooding in your basement, or even your garage and entire home! Therefore, it’s a prudent decision to install a basement backup sump pump. The water from your basement and garage is removed and put into the home’s waste water system or back out into a safe area outside the home. The sump pump is a term used to describe a tiny pump put into a pit within your basement, garage, or any other underground area. Not only does the basement backup sump pump keep the basement dry, but also the entire home as a whole. It simply redirects the water from the home to a storm water drain or waste area. Advantages of a sump pump 1. Reduces threats due to mold and mildew- Any damp space is an open invitation for mildew and molds. By keeping your home dry, it prevents the formation of these harmful spores. If there is no sump pump, the water levels in the lowest part of your home will increase. You will not just be subject to unpleasant odors, but also to health threats. 2. Prevents damages due to flooding- Pretty simple, no water and no flooding means no damage. Sometimes heavy rain pushes a lot of water into basements. With the intensity and frequency of severe storms increasing, better to act now then wait until there is a problem. 3. Decreases the chances of electrical fires- Water accumulation in the basement can get into the electrical boxes and short circuit them, possibly leading to fires. Sumps help avoid this accumulation and thereby prevent the chances of such fires. 4. Finishing the basement- Sump pumps give homeowners the chance to finish their basement. Construction may have been halted during the rainy season, but not after a sump pump is installed. Top reasons to use a backup sump pump for your basement These sumps can be used when primary sump pumps fail. Here are the reasons why you must have one: 1) These are battery operated and are highly useful in case of a power outage 2) They can start pumping water automatically if the primary pump has failed 3) In case there is too much volume of water and the primary sump is just not able to keep pace, the backup will be activated for assistance 4) If there is a stuck float switch, the battery backup system will be activated automatically Types of sump pump models Sump pumps are available in the form of two main models: 1. Submersible- The pump and the motor is part of the same unit here. They remain closed and submerged within a basin present in your basement. By virtue of being in the water basin, they are quieter and save space within the basement. 2. Upright- These pumps have long rods with floats at the end to turn their switches off or on. They are installed on pedestals that help them remain outside water.

  • Why is Basement Egress Window Installation Important?

    One of the most important things when building a basement is the requirement of an egress window. Now, for those who do not know what an egress window is, it is an opening in the exterior wall, which provides an emergency escape for people inside. Egress windows are required by code to provide at least one-half inch of clear space around its entire perimeter that allows for safe evacuation during emergencies. They can be found on all residential buildings and most commercial buildings with more than three floors. Let us tell you more about the importance of egress windows in your basement. Serves as an Alternative Entry for Emergencies Your home is one of the safest places to be during a catastrophe, but if disaster strikes and there is no way to escape, how do you plan the exit of you and your family? Well, the answer to this is simple! Installation of egress windows in the basement. Emergency responders can enter through the window or you can leave easily! No matter how much trouble you are in, the basement is one place that is most likely to be the safest if you have an egress window installed. They Help Provide Light into the Basement Basement egress window installation not only provides you with a safe way to move in or out during emergencies, they also serve as a great source of light during the day! You must be aware of the fact that a basement should never be left dull and damp. This can lead to a moist basement along with the chance of mold growth. Light being able to enter in the daytime allows your basement to stay dry and safe! Last But Not Least, they are Required by the Law Rebuilding your home or basement can be a daunting task; however, you need to stay focused on the requirements of the law. You ought to build an egress window if you plan to include a basement in your home, especially when it is more than one story. You might be tempted to save a few dollars from that window, but, trust us, it's going to cost a lot more than that when you get into trouble someday! Don't Forget to Put an Egress Window Also! One thing you should keep in mind when installing an egress window in your basement is to construct an egress window well also. This is the space that will help you exit from the window safely. Planning ahead to make sure any exit is easy means that any future emergency will be much easier to handle and will lessen the stress of the situation. Basement egress windows are an important part of your home's safety. They provide a way for you and others in the house to escape if there is ever a fire or some other emergency situation that requires evacuation. If you are planning to get it installed anytime soon, call us and discuss the requirements today! We make sure to deliver excellent services without disturbing the environment of your home.

  • How Five Tips That Will Help You with Proper Basement Waterproofing Procedure

    Do you live in the Philadelphia region? Have your concerns about flooding and water damage been getting worse? If you are looking to protect your home from basement floods, certain steps need to be taken. The first step is determining if it is even necessary for you to waterproof your basement. If the foundation of your house is already waterproofed, then no further action needs to be taken! If not, there are important things that can be done before disaster strikes. This post will highlight some tips for preventing water intrusion into basements of Philadelphia area homes. We will also share best practices for preparing ahead of time! 1. Perform a detailed inspection in your basement You might have forgotten about the mess in your basement, but it's important to go down there and see what needs cleaning up. Check for mold that could be dangerous if not addressed as soon as possible. Take out any trash like old paint cans and broken furniture. Organize things so they are easy to access when needed later on. You never know how much time will pass before you need something stored away downstairs. These steps will not only make your basement more usable, but will also allow you to easily inspect for any changes to the area. After all, you wouldn't want a leak from pipes or anything else to ruin everything upstairs! 2. Get the soil bed inspected too Another important step of basement waterproofing in Philadelphia is getting a soil bed inspection done. These inspections can reveal hidden surprises that may cause further problems down the road.To avoid unpleasant, or even dangerous, surprises regarding ground pests or unstable soils during construction and afterwards, homeowners must have their soil inspected to know what further steps they need to take. 3. Fix all the cracks and holes in the basement Waterproofing might be the most vital part of an entire foundation repair process, but there's something else just as important: fixing all those pesky leaks around the house first! You don't want to spend time on this job only for some other issue or problem --like mold-- to come back again later. 4. Select the right basement waterproofing company You can't go wrong with the right basement waterproofing company. You want to be sure that it's someone you trust and a professional who has your best interests at heart. You're looking for an experienced team of professionals when choosing one of these companies because they have years in the industry under their belt - so don't let anyone fool around or try anything sketchy on you! The only things worse than having leaky basements is not fixing them as soon as possible or having subpar work done. 5. Make sure your basement stays ventilated A basement can be a great place to store stuff, but it's still important to have good air quality. Consider getting vents installed that will help circulate fresh oxygen through your basement and keep things from getting a musty or moldy smell. The best way to protect your home from flooding is by using basement waterproofing in Philadelphia. There are many different ways to get professional help with this project, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more information about the process.

  • Top reasons for choosing basement waterproofing company

    One of the worst places for water seepage and flooding in a house is the basement. It is usually located below the floor, so water makes its way somehow to the basement. It is also more susceptible to humidity than any other place in your house. You will face an enormous financial loss if this humidity hits the base of your home. Simply put, your house is at risk if your cellar, crawl space, or basement is not solid. In addition, in the basement, moisture produces an unpleasant and damp scent that could develop into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. A wet basement may also cause an infestation of allergens. These cause allergic reactions for the home's occupants, as well as structural rot. PA basement waterproofing is the best way to solve any of these issues. It's even more important if your basement's structural location is vulnerable to water seepage. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should hire a PA basement waterproofing company.  Flood Prevention is Important. Floods are never a pleasant experience for anyone. So, if you want to keep your basement and your residential property safe from flooding, you can employ a licensed basement waterproofing services. It takes a lot of effort to complete simple tasks like closing foundation splits. Installing a drainage system will also help flood water be managed more effectively. Hiring basement flood mold mitigation services to repair the basement is the perfect option for this. Achieving a Tougher Foundation For a residential structure, a solid foundation is important. If you spend some time properly waterproofing your basement, you will be able to lay the groundwork for a solid and stable foundation. And, regardless of the purpose, the best waterproofing services will assist you in keeping your basement in good working order. As a result, it is preferable to hire specialist basement waterproofing services to ensure your foundation's stability. Mold Prevention is Important. If you have mold in your basement, it can be a nightmare because it can become a health issue. Over time, it will eat through your walls and floorboards, and if it is caused by water leakage, mold grows back quickly. If your basement is damp, it can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, mildew, fungi, and other germs that no one wants to experience in their home. To protect your basement from mold formation, you can hire basement leak repair services and basement waterproofing services. It will also save you a lot of money on costly basement leak repair services. So, to protect your structure from mold and fungi, it's best to invest in professional basement waterproofing. Given the numerous advantages, experts believe that basement waterproofing is a worthwhile investment. It is an investment in your home that will protect the current structure from mold growth and structural damage. As rainwater flows into basements, the majority of them become muddy and damaged. As a result, taking the necessary precautions to keep the basement dry is critical for various reasons. You will keep your basement dry and flood-free by hiring a PA basement waterproofing contractor at a reasonable price.

  • What is an Egress Window and Advantages it Offers

    EGRESS, in the dictionary, is defined as an exit, a means or place of going out. An egress window is a rectangular window with an area of approximately 6 square feet that is large enough for an adult to fit through. An egress window is designed to provide a safe route for escape in an emergency situation, such as a fire. It’s advisable to check with local authorities and contact the local building codes office to know exactly what window size you need to install in your basement. If you want to learn about the costs of installation, you should inquire with your basement egress window contractor. Egress windows are available in many varieties — just as many as regular windows — and have various different levels of insulation and quality. So, when you choose to remodel your basement, egress windows should be a crucial part of the remodeling plan. A proper egress window should be big enough to easily fit an adult of average height and weight. Researching and identifying the best basement egress window contractor is vital because it could prove to be the difference between life and death, as it is the only safe route to escape from your basement in the case of a fire or any emergency. An egress window that is installed correctly will not only help protect you and your family during a fire, but will also give emergency personnel an entry point into the basement. Advantages an Egress Window Offers Other than safety, a basement egress window installation offers other advantages such as: 1. Increase the Amount of Sunlight Your Home Receives Typically, a regular basement doesn’t receive ample light. You might be using artificial lighting so that your basement is not dim or dark. Egress windows ensure that more natural light enters your basement. The sunlight will not only save you money on electricity bills, but will also keep you healthy and happy. 2. Raises the Value of Your Home Local building codes and authorities often require that egress windows are installed in areas of your home that are fit to occupy, which includes bedrooms or other spaces that are converted from basements. Potential future buyers will find your home more desirable if it complies with all the building codes. Egress windows also increase the square footage of your home and are aesthetically appealing, which increases the value of your home monetarily and attracts all who visit. 3. Keeps Your Basement Dry Finally, egress windows also boost ventilation in your basement, which means more clean air enters and circulates throughout your home. This circulation helps maintain a cozy and consistent temperature and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. If you are worried of moisture seeping into your basement, consider hiring a contractor to install your egress windows, which are great to keep water out and create a comfortable living space. These windows also provide you with an escape route in an emergency situation. Consider looking into installing an egress window today!

  • 4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Waterproofing Contractors

    Homeowners all over the world are dealing with water issues. Some issues, like flooding and leaks around windows or doors, may happen on a daily basis. These problems can cause more than just needing repairs to your home's structure; they can also damage furnishings and electronics. What if you could finally get some relief from these problems without having to worry about future issues? Here are four reasons why you should hire professional waterproofing contractors this year: 1. Waterproofing Your Home is a One-Time Investment That Will Protect it for Years Waterproofing is a one-time investment that will protect your home for years to come. The benefits are clear: it protects you from moisture, mold, and rot, so you can be sure nothing ever breaks down in those critical areas of your house! And in addition to all this, professional waterproof contractors can also install a basement backup sump pump. 2. Hiring Professionals to Waterproof Your Home Can Save You Time and Money in the Long Run You’ve been looking for a way to save time and money, right? Well, hiring professionals who can waterproof your home can be one of those solutions. A lot of people opt-in this direction as it doesn't require too much effort on their end which ultimately means they won't have any problems with work or family life because they won’t have to spend their time trying to appropriately waterproof their home on their own! 3. Professional Waterproofing Contractors Provide Warranties Waterproof professionals provide warranties on their work that are not offered by do-it-yourself kits, saving you from future water damage repairs and reducing the risk of mold. Also, professional contractors offer a guarantee for any job they take on — this includes homes with moist problems or those prone to flooding as well! 4. Professionals Have the Proper Equipment to Get the Job Done Right Without Damaging Your Property or Leaving Behind Any Messes The right tools for the job are important, but they're not always available. Without proper equipment and tools, you could damage your property or leave behind messy messes that will take hours to clean up! The professionals have everything needed in order to complete any project quickly, so there are no delays due to a lack of supplies like drills, saws, etcetera. Trusting a waterproofing contractor is the best way to ensure that your home or commercial property remains dry and free of mold. Let's say you live in an area where there are frequent rainstorms. You may want to hire a professional team for waterproofing and maintenance services twice per year. This will help keep water intrusion minimized during heavy downpours while also providing peace of mind on those rare occasions when it does happen. They can provide all sorts of preventative measures, including installing sump pumps and backflow prevention valves which work together to protect against flooding from sewer backups. Call 302-565-2929 today to hire professional waterproof contractors.

  • Three Factors That Determine the Cost of A Basement Egress Window

    In modern homes, the installation of a basement egress window has become pretty common. It provides complete safety for people living inside the building and the residence as well. Generally, an egress window is a way to the basement of the house from the outside. In case of fire or any other emergencies, people can open the door and exit the situation. So, it’s the perfect escape way when every other point is blocked. The size of these windows must be substantial enough so that even an adult can pass through them. There are several benefits one can receive by installing an egress window. The best part is that it increases the property’s value. In case, you’re reselling the house after a certain time, there would be competitive advantages. Besides, the window permits the sunlight to enter the basement, keeping the place brighter and safer. One can easily make several uses of their basement by keeping the place safer and brighter. However, the basement egress window cost can vary depending upon several factors. Let’s take a look at the following, 1.Window Glass Quality The basement egress window cost can vary depending upon the window glass quality. If the window is double-paned, it can cost up to $500 per window. Most people choose a double-paned window because these are most popular due to the moderate pricing and effectiveness. Also, one can effectively block the drafts and other noises by using the double-paned window. The single-paned window isn’t as effective as the double-paned one. If there are any extra features like low e-coating, then the price may increase up to 10% or more to the total. So, the basement window cost will depend upon the glass quality. 2.Installation Type There are several types of installations available for basement egress windows. For instance, people can choose pre-fabricated windows, custom egress windows, above-grade, and below-grade windows. Most basements require this below-grade installation, especially if the house is older. It’s because, in below-grade installation, there’s no need to cut into the concrete wall or foundation to dig a window well. Besides, there is an above-grade installation. In this case, one needs to open 5.7 square feet to meet the requirements of the building code. Also, one can install custom egress windows or prefabricated windows depending upon their preference. 3.Property Type The cost of the basement window is also determined by the property type. Generally, the structure type determines the type of services one needs along with the installation. For example, the older homes generally have a small window that requires resizing. So, there will be additional costs for cutting the window, removing the window, and resizing the window opening. This can hike up the overall expenditure. But, one needs to consult with an expert before the installation to be able to have a realistic suggestion. These are the few things that usually determine the price of the egress window installation.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Basement Waterproofing in Pottstown

    Basement waterproofing is a necessity to keep your basement dry and free from moisture and damp conditions. Dampness in a basement may prove dangerous, as it poses a hazard for those living and working in the area. Aside from mold growth, excess moisture or flooding in a basement can also cause structural damage to the basement walls that can make the entire house vulnerable to collapse. Other disadvantages include reduced basement space, which limits the amount of furnishings and equipment you can place there. The importance of basement waterproofing cannot be underestimated. Basement waterproofing in Pottstown prevents damage due to water seepage through cracks in the structure. Basements easily absorb excess moisture from groundwater, rainwater, or even melting ice. Waterproofed basements prevent structural damage such as settling, warping of concrete walls, cracking of floor joists and ceiling framing, and other structural harm. Waterproofed basementss are also free from health risks posed by exposure to dirt, molds, dust mites, and allergens that can spread throughout the entire house. What are the advantages of basement waterproofing? One of the most significant benefits of basement waterproofing is the prevention of mold formation. Mold is a substance that can be found in moist environments, such as basement floors and walls. It usually grows well in humid climates with the presence of adequate amounts of moisture. Waterproofing can prevent mold formation by drying out the air pockets where the substance tends to accumulate and drying up leaks that are found on the walls and floor of the basement. One of the major benefits of basement waterproofing in Pottstown is the protection it provides against electrical outbursts. Electrical wires and cables are often found in places where water is present. These cables can be corroded easily through the process of mold growth. In the event of an electrical surge, basement waterproofing can prevent dangerous electrical currents from interacting with water, especially in basement floors where water leakage often pools. Basement walls are also at risk of subsidence. Cracks may appear anywhere along the wall. If these cracks are not repaired in time, the entire structure could eventually cave in due to continued water exposure. If this occurs, foundation damage could result. The importance of waterproofing a basement centers around the importance of preventing this kind of damage from occurring in the first place. Basement seepage can also be caused by the buildup of humidity. Moisture is often caused by condensation on the walls of a basement. This buildup can eventually lead to the growth of mold. Even if the humidity in the air is not high enough to cause structural damage, it can create uncomfortable living conditions. If the air is too dry, this can make it difficult to breathe, which can increase symptoms of allergies and asthma. Final Take Basement waterproofing prevents formation of mold which leads to prevention of structural damage. If foundation footer drains and sewer lines are clogged with mold, the water will slowly seep into the interior of the house. By sealing all the interior surfaces of the house, this can limit the amount of seepage that takes place. In addition to reducing water seepage, it can also limit the development of mold on the exterior surfaces of the house. With the best basement waterproofing services, mold will be minimized and there will be little or no foundation damage.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Basement Egress Window Installation

    A basement is considered an underground structure. It is not a place where we go for a holiday or to spend quality time with our family, but it is a necessary part of our home. It is usually very dark and can be musty if there is no airflow. It can also be a difficult place to escape from if disaster falls. This makes proper basement window installation very important to create the best environment and provide maximum protection for the inhabitants. The importance of basement egress window installation can never be over-emphasized. Basement windows are designed to allow light and air into the basement. This is essential in order to fully utilize the space. A well-insulated and properly placed basement window will be able to keep the cold out during the winter months and let in enough fresh air during the hot summers. A properly installed basement egress window will let in enough fresh air to ensure that there is proper ventilation to make the home comfortable during any season. It will also function as a second exit for the basement and allow for escape of inhabitants or entry by emergency personel. Look into the basement egress window installation pros before making any decisions. Why is basement egress window installation important? Most basement windows are made of wood because it is the most durable material available. Wood is also known to be the most aesthetically appealing. This is why most people prefer to install their basement windows in wood. However, it should also be given thought that vinyl or composite basement windows are much more budget-friendly, even if they are not as durable as wood. Most people are unaware of the benefits of basement egress window installation. One benefit is that by adding a second exit to a basement, the space can be used for living space. The basement can then be used as a living room, a guest room, or another bedroom for a growing family. You can be confident in spending more time in the basement when you know that your family will be safe. This peace of mind is priceless for many people and a great reason to install a basement egress window. Basement’s cannot be counted as part of a house’s square footage because they are enclosed areas with only one exit. In order for a basement to be included, an egres window can be installed. The egress window is an exit point that can be used in any emergent situation and allows for entry of emergency first responders. Being able to include the square footage of your basement increases the value of the house. It is a great investment if you plan on selling your house in the future. The cost of egress window installation is more than made up for in the additional value of your house.Along with being a great safety feature, a basement egress window can improve the atmosphere of a basement. An egress window is usually larger than a standard basement window and allows more natural light in. It also can increase the ventilation of the area and make the basement feel less humid. Since the basement is more comfortable, it can easily be used for additional space for gatherings. It can be upgraded to a gameroom, living space, or anything else you might want to add to your house instead of only being a storage space. An overview of basement egress window installation cost will help you understand the importance in no time. Installing a basement window is also beneficial in improving the appearance of the house. Most people who see your house think that it looks nice when the basement is uncluttered and well-decorated. The presence of a large basement egress windows will make the house look more appealing to prospective buyers and will improve the appeal of the house's interior. Final Take Basements are perfect areas for expansion in your house. Adding an egress window will not only allow for a safe and quick exit during and emergency, but it will also allow for home owners to include the square footage of their basement in their overall houses’ square footage. It is important to have a professional company install your window to ensure that the egress window is insulated properly and is up to all necessary codes. Look into basement egress window installation cost and get yours done as soon as possible

  • 6 Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

    Tired of stepping into your dark, damp, and dreary basement? Do you dread the idea of wading through puddles of water after every rainfall? We at Adam Basement have good news: you don't have to live with these issues forever! Your home's foundation, flood protection, and key to preserving the structural integrity of your house--all depend on your basement. So, let's dive in and discuss the signs that your basement might need waterproofing today. Water Stains and Leaks Have you noticed brownish stains or wet spots on the walls or floors of your basement? No, it's not coffee or tea spillage. It's one of the signs your home needs basement waterproofing! Even water seepage from tiny leaks can cause huge damage over time. It can damage your furniture, carpets, and other belongings and lead to structural damage, which can be really costly to repair. So if you see any water stains or leaks, it's high time you immediately call Adam Basement waterproofing services. Foul Odors Does your basement smell like a musty old attic? Does the smell linger even when you open the windows? If yes, it's probably because dampness is causing a build-up of mold and mildew in your basement. Mold and mildew don't just smell bad--they're also a health hazard, such as respiratory issues, headaches, and even infections. Cracks and Gaps Do you see gaps or cracks in your basement walls or floors? If yes, it's a sign that water is seeping through those vulnerabilities. These can occur if there's uneven settling of the foundation or due to natural wear and tear. If left unrepaired, these openings can widen and lead to more big problems like structural damage. So if you see any of these signs, call Adam Basement right away! High Humidity and Moisture Levels Struggling to control the humidity and moisture levels in your basement? High humidity levels lead to dampness and mold, damaging your belongings, like your furniture, appliances, etc. If you're using a dehumidifier or constantly running fans, but it's not helping--it's time to get your basement waterproofed! Doing so will eliminate the cause of high humidity levels, making your basement livable again. Insect Infestations Do you have a bit of a creepy-crawly problem in your basement? Insects, such as termites or cockroaches, are usually found in damp environments and can signify that your basement needs waterproofing. One reason why basement waterproofing is necessary is it will not only protect your home from water damage but it will also help prevent these infestations. Structural Integrity Believe it or not, your basement plays a big role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. If you start to notice any cracks or other visible damage in your foundation or walls, this could mean that your home's stability is being jeopardized by water damage. One importance of waterproofing your basement–it can guarantee your home remains structurally sound for many years! Don't Let Your Basement Get Soaked If you've noticed any of these signs in your home, pick up your phone and call Adam Basement right away! Don't let your basement get soaked--call us for your free eval!

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