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  • Hiring a Contractor to Install a Basement Egress Window – Tips and Ideas

    There are numerous reasons to install a basement egress window – like allowing more light into a dark and dank atmosphere, but especially creating a safe escape route for fire and other emergencies. However, egress windows (especially the basement bedroom ones) have regulations that need to be met; it’s a good idea to work with a basement egress window contractor who has a better grasp of all the building codes. If you are thinking about renovating your home and adding some more room in the form of expanding your basement, you may have come across the fire safety rules for egress windows. Egress windows can be a skylight, patio window or door that’s big enough for you to escape through or for emergency service to enter through. Building Code requires bedrooms and basement rooms below the fourth story of any home to have one or more “rescue opening and emergency escape.” But other than the safety concerns, egress windows are also crucial as they allow light to come in, serve as high-quality basement ventilators, enhance the aesthetics of a home, aid in waterproofing the basement and add instant value to your home. But in order to realize all those benefits, you have to let a basement egress window contractor do the work for you. They are not experts at the installation work; they also have a full understanding of the building codes of your city. With that in mind, here are some tips and ideas when hiring a basement egress window expert: Experience: first and foremost, you want to find an experienced contractor who has mastery of the work; otherwise, you’d be better off doing the work yourself. Experience is an essential element in a contractor because this is what sets their work apart from novices and other contractors in the market. Success cases: the good thing about egress windows installation is that you can tell the difference by looking at the before and after images. So, instead of taking the contractors word, you can have them show you their past work, to have a feel of what you should expect. Industry reputation: you need to dig deeper to find out what other people are saying about the contractor in question. And don’t just stick to the customer testimonials on their website – take your search a notch higher and browse through sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. There is got to be something good or bad about the contractor, and that’s what you want to find out. Location: although you can work with a contractor from virtually any place, it’s an added advantage if they live close by. This way, you’ll have an easy time in case something goes wrong with the installation. It will also save you on additional costs. Cost: Unless you live in a bubble, you will want to find out how much the contractor charges before signing the dotted lines. However, a quick tip is that you should not focus on cost alone. Ensure that the contractor checks in all other categories before shifting your focus to cost. Conclusion Installing an egress window in your basement is a worthwhile investment. And considering the value it adds to your life and property, you should let an expert complete the task for you.

  • How to Find A Contractor for Basement Waterproofing Pottstown?

    There are many benefits of having a basement in the house. However, a basement comes along with potential problems that could affect the entire house and its foundation. One of the most common issues is water where you don’t want it. This water not only damages the basement but can also harm the foundation of the house. A basement is vulnerable to moisture and cracks that need to be treated before they balloon into a major (expensive) problem. A basement water issue left unresolved could lead to structural problems, as well as causing mold. Possibly even creating health hazards for the residents. Therefore, basement waterproofing in Pottstown is an essential service when it comes to protecting the value of the home. No matter what, be sure to look for an experienced waterproofing service provider. Waterproofing your basement is not a DIY project. It requires experience and skills to not only fix the problem but also to avoid major catastrophic damage to your home. Be careful when hiring for basement waterproofing Pottstown and do your homework! Tips to Hire a Contractor for Basement Waterproofing 1. Reputation - Search for a reliable service provider who is bonded, insured, and licensed specifically for the required waterproofing services. Find out if they are part of an association and follow any codes made by the association. You can search online and read reviews of different companies from their previous customers. This will give you an idea about the quality of service they offer to their clients. 2. Warranty - Get one in writing 3. Cost - Find out about the cost of the waterproofing services through quotes from multiple companies. Compare prices and determine the relevant market prices in your area. 4. Quality - A contractor should use quality materials and proper installation techniques. Smart homeowners always discuss such issues and know about the type of materials a contractor will be using. 5. Customer service - Research until you find a service provider that meets the above criteria. Call your sales rep and discuss details that matter the most to your home and waterproofing project. Keep these tips in mind before hiring a basement waterproofing service. Basement waterproofing is an investment to protect your home from structural damage and mold growth. Take your time and don’t get rushed into anything!

  • Before You Buy That House Check for Signs Of Basement Water Damage

    Looking for a new house can both be an exciting and an anxious experience. You might find the home that’s perfect for you, but don’t make the mistake of not checking the home thoroughly for any problems before you sign on the dotted line. A major, and often overlooked problem is water damage. Purchasing a house with unknown water damage will be an expensive and perhaps devastating experience. There are a few things that PA basement waterproofing experts can teach you to help you identify water damage before you purchase: Cracks When inspecting the house be aware of large cracks in the basement. Small cracks are not typically a cause for concern, so the cracks you need to watch out for are large and diagonal. These cracks indicate that the house has a foundation problem which could be caused by moisture. It also means a higher risk for water damage in the future. Cracks like these found inside the basement are known to be more serious than those found outside the home. You might also come across signs of recent repair-work. While these can also be signs of problems, it’s also an obvious indicator that the homeowner has identified and addressed problems. Then again, it also might just be a quick fix just to mask a serious problem with the home that they do not want buyers like you to find. The only way to be sure is to set up an inspection with a basement waterproofing expert to determine the cause and quality of repairs. Hardwood or Laiminate Floors Hardwood flooring can make it easier to notice water damage. When examining a room with hardwood floors, you can simply walk and watch for any warped, buckled, or delaminated panels to indicate that moisture has tampered with the floor. Warped means that a panel is curved or bent. Buckled means that two panels are shifting each other upwards. Delaminated means there is a gap between two panels when they are meant to be bonded together. Mold Just because you can’t see a problem does not mean that it isn’t there. A third way to check for water damage in a home is to sniff for a possible problem, as you can always smell it before your eyes catch it. In this case, you will want to identify any signs of mold in the home. If you haven’t smelled mold before, it will have a dirty, musty odor. Even if you aren’t able to see it, you might smell mold that comes from inside the wall. Mold is an indication that a home might be experiencing foundation problems, just like cracks. So, if you can tell there is mold, even if you cannot see it, it could be a sign that there are cracks inside the foundation or inside the wall. Mold can also be a sign of cracked pipes, a high-water table, a missing or nonfunctional french drain, bad sump pumps, and many other causes Summary When looking to buy your dream home make sure it passes an inspection for water damage before making a decision. Water damage can be identified in a home in a number of ways, from examining hardwood floors to sniffing for mold inside walls. And most importantly, by having a licensed expert walk the home with you

  • What causes basement moisture and how do you get rid of it?

    For a homeowner, there are few things worse than a wet basement. What appears to be just a small puddle or tiny trickle are the warning signs of a much bigger problem. Moisture in your basement can lead to an array of time-consuming and costly repairs. From structural damage to toxic mold, water in your basement is a serious problem. So what can you do to prevent moisture from making its way in your basement, and ultimately keep them dry? Well, the options for basement waterproofing York PA vary from homeowner to homeowner and contractor to contractor. But doing your homework can save you a lot of time, energy, and cash. What causes basement moisture? To understand how to keep your basements dry, we need to have a thorough understanding of what causes moisture to occur in basements in the first place. For homeowners, unfortunately, water has a knack for finding its way into our homes. Due to the unique construction and nature of basements, these spaces are particularly prone to wetness. Below are some points that highlight some of the primary causes of basement moisture:  Poorly Installed and Maintained Gutters Improper Soil and Drainage Systems Hydrostatic Pressure Improper Slope Waterproofing solutions in the basement The best solution for basement waterproofing York PA depends on the specific issue nature of the issue. Make sure to think long term to guarantee your safety and maintaining the value of your home. Employ a professional and reliable waterproofing service provider to ensure that they have an approach that suits you, and that the contractor stands behind their work. A professional waterproofing contractor guarantees the work and use high-quality materials to produce the desired results. Let's dig at a few waterproofing options in the basement: * Since 1853, internal French drain systems have been in operation and have proven to be successful in dealing with water problems in the basement. This type of drainage system, when properly designed, ensures that no water is available where you do not want it to be. * Addressing the problem of water from outside is also significant. This approach guarantees the establishment of a membrane such that no water will penetrate the basement room. * Solid vinyl or plastic sheets are used by adding them to the base walls as vapor barriers. They block humidity from entering the living room inside. Sometimes they are mounted on the inside or outside of the walls. Before framing and drywall, these sheets are added since otherwise, they would not be efficient. During the process, entrepreneurs can be beneficial in many ways: * A polyurethane crack injection should be used by basement waterproofing contractors since it is a quick and cost-effective solution to avoid leakage and eliminate dampness at the lower floor. A special procedure is used to fill the crack to avoid the penetration of water. Basement leaking is a common concern faced by many households, which sometimes results in flooding of basements. Excessive moisture penetration of the basement can lead to mildew, mold, and even rust, which pose a significant risk to the housing system and the occupants' health. As your basement forms the cornerstone for the rest of your home or house, it is important to ensure proper basement waterproofing York PA. The best way to keep your home wet, safe, and dry is basement waterproofing.

  • Water Coming In Through Wall

    Below is a picture of what has happened at our customer's home in their basement. After periods of time, water does eventually build up in the walls. Once Adam and the guys take care of this problem, the customer will be able to rest easy that they will not see this again in the future. Stay tuned for the 'after' pics.

  • Why is it beneficial to get a basement egress window installed?

    There are a lot of homes without below-ground access to the basement area. These dwellings are mostly older homes that were constructed when egress windows were not so popular or required by code. In new construction homes, builders have these windows installed by basement egress windows contractors for the complete safety of the residence and the people living inside. An egress window is a way in and out of the basement of the house. This window is mostly used for emergency exit situations in case of fire or when the front door is not an option for leaving the house. An egress window works as a perfect way to escape the home when other exit points are blocked. The size of these windows should be substantial enough so that adults can easily pass through. The benefits of installing an egress window There are several advantages of getting this type of window installed in the basement area of a home. The best part is that they actually increase the value of your property. Egress windows in the basement permit natural daylight to enter the basement, making the darkest area of the house brighter. If you want to get some work done downstairs, you can easily manage to do so in the daytime without wasting electricity as the room will now get daylight entering from the window. This window helps family members and visitors feel that they are safe and can easily escape during any emergency situation that takes place. Therefore, if you are really concerned about the safety of your property and the people living there, you can ease your worries by having an egress window installed in your basement today. Furthermore, this addition to your home will prompt a boost in value. An egress window will not only work as a way to increase the worth of the house, but it will also increase the square footage. Homeowners can rest assured that there are significant benefits to having an egress window installed in your basement. If you are experiencing water clogging in the basement area, take action by having it repaired and installing an egress window to prevent the water from spreading throughout the area, keeping the space dry and clean for the future. Now, if you are wondering where you can search for the best basement egress windows, use your online resources to locate a company that offers the type of services you’re in need of. These days, there are many basement egress window contractors available online. While searching, you will come across multiple options, but make sure that you choose a reliable one to ensure safety for your home and family.

  • Check your Sump Pump and Battery Back up

    The storm is getting closer and it does not look like it is going to miss us. Please make sure you are checking to make sure your sump pumps are working properly. Hopefully, you have a generator. If not, it is a good idea to go and purchase one as soon as possible. They are calling for over 6 inches of rain in our area. We offer 24 hour service for waterproofing, pump and battery back up installation.

  • Four Crucial Reasons to Waterproof your Basement

    The basement isn’t just a place for storing odds and ends, but it’s also the foundation of your entire house. If the foundational supports of your basement are permeated by water for any reason, your home will be prone to additional severe damage in the future. Some of the most common reasons for basement damage are water seepage and basement leaks. Sometimes water seeps into your foundation, causing damage not only to the basement, but also to furniture, flooring, and anything stored there. The ideal way to prevent these types of losses is to waterproof the basement area before problems start. Failing to take steps to prevent basement leaks or water seepage can do more than just harm the foundation of your home; it can also make that area a breeding ground for mold. After mildew and decay set in, repairs to your basement will be even more costly than simply taking the precaution of waterproofing your basement in the first place. Homeowners should consider basement waterproofing to save time, money, and the loss of property. Let’s take a look at a few other crucial reasons why one needs to consider basement waterproofing: 1. Saves Money in Long Run If water continues to seep into your basement, it will eventually damage the foundation of the entire house. It takes a sizable investment to fix the foundation once it’s damaged. However, with PA basement waterproofing services, homeowners can save money on future repairs. Most property owners refrain from waterproofing their basements due to the initial cost involved. It can be pretty overwhelming but in reality, waterproofing your basement is cheaper than the cost of foundation repairs. 2. Increase In Resale Value Retaining the value of your home is undoubtedly important. However, problems like basement leaks and water seepage can seriously damage the value of your dwelling, reducing its resale value in the long run. If the leak gets too large, it will damage any furniture or belongings that are stored in the basement as well. In fact, your house can lose 30 percent of its actual value due to basement leaks or water seepage issues. So waterproofing the basement of your home is the only ideal solution here. It will save you from the additional stress of cleaning up damage from preventable water problems. 3. Saves on Electricity Bills If your house continues to face water seepage due to basement leakage, it’ll be harder for your furnace to maintain a warm temperature throughout your home during winter. As a result, residents will notice a hike in their electricity and heating bills over time. This added cost is a sign that your basement requires waterproofing. A waterproofed basement will put less pressure on the furnace, prolonging its life and keeping your electricity bills lower. 4. Prevents Foundation Cracks Sometimes homeowners notice foundation cracks as a result of uneven settling. If the foundation is laid unevenly, it will start cracking quickly, leaving your home vulnerable to water problems. However, homeowners can prevent these issues by waterproofing their basements. Not only does it save your lower level from water seepage, but it also ensures that any additional settling remains even. Waterproofing will prevent foundation cracks and save excessive costs in the long run. These are the primary reasons why homeowners must consider waterproofing your basements sooner rather than later.

  • Egress Window Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Windows Safe and Functional Over Time

    Photo by João Egress windows are an important part of any home. Not only do they provide natural light and ventilation, but they also serve as emergency exits in case of a fire or other emergency. But like all windows, basement egress windows require regular maintenance to keep them safe and functional over time. We understand your egress windows' importance to you and want to help ensure they last for years. As such, here are a few tips on ways to keep them in optimal condition! 1. Inspect regularly As we know, we must inspect all our windows regularly to keep our homes comfortable and safe. That's why regular egress window maintenance must be done to ensure they are properly secured and working. Check the sills, frames, hardware, and cracks around the frame for any signs of rot or corrosion that could let cold air into the home. You may also want to look for drafts in order to maintain an even temperature throughout the space. Also, inspections should be done at least twice a year to ensure egress windows are properly secured and working as intended. 2. Keep them clean Photo by Andrea Piacquadio Your egress windows are an integral part of your home's functionality; therefore, keeping them clean is important. Dirt and debris can cause irreversible damage if left unchecked, so regular cleaning is key. The best way to keep egress windows functionality in pristine condition is by wiping them down with a soft rag dampened with warm water and mild detergent. Make sure not to go too abrasive with cleaner or materials such as brushes that may scratch or damage the frames of the window sill. 3. Check Window Seals Ensuring that your basement egress window seals are in good condition is essential for keeping debris, moisture, insects, and more out of your home! A few simple steps will help you stay on top such as inspecting them regularly to check for signs of cracking or wear and tear due to age. And if any cracks or issues are discovered, it's best to address the problem immediately by contacting Adam Basement to replace the seals. Inspecting and replacing your seals regularly can give you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring a comfortable environment in your home. 4. Make repairs when needed Photo by Ksenia Chernaya Taking care of egress windows by making repairs when needed is essential to egress window maintenance. To address any cracks or holes in the frame, it's best to utilize sealant or caulk right away to protect against future water and weather damage. Additionally, it is essential to check regularly for loose hardware pieces like screws and hinges, which may require tightening or replacing. Taking care of these minor window repairs quickly is a surefire way to guarantee they will remain safe and functional for years! So, make sure to have these repairs handled by our team immediately to avoid any major issues down the road. 5. Protect against weather Protecting egress windows for the basement against different weather conditions is an important step for homeowners to ensure that their windows are able to last through harsher seasons. Depending on your geographic location you may need to apply for additional protection depending on your geographic location. Let's say in winter, it's important to apply a weatherproofing sealant along all edges of egress window frames, as freezing temperatures and ice accumulation can cause cracking or warping. Provided they’re applied correctly, these sealants can help increase the lifetime of egress windows and give you peace of mind that your home is protected during wintertime. 6. Keep them open Photo by Athena Egress windows are genuinely an excellent investment to help improve the condition of your basement. Built for safety, these windows also increase ventilation in the space. If closed off or obstructed by furniture or other items, this limits fresh air circulation through the basement and can result in higher condensation levels on glass surfaces during colder months! To maximize the potential of egress windows, it is vital to keep them open at least 6 inches (15 cm), so you can experience full benefits. Doing so will ensure that fresh air can continue circulating throughout the space, and we recommend ensuring egress windows stay open all year round! Wrapping It Up Maintaining your egress windows is essential for ensuring their proper function in the event of an emergency exit situation. Regularly cleaning the exterior frames helps keep dirt and debris from building up on them, which will inhibit their ability to open and close well over time. Also, check for signs of damage, such as broken seals, cracked glass, loose frames, or rusting hardware, so necessary repairs can be made quickly before any further problems occur with the window’s functionality. In addition, remember to check the security features like locks and screens so that uninvited guests cannot enter through these vulnerable points of entry into your home. By following these tips for regular maintenance, you can ensure that your egress windows remain both safe and functional over time! Are there no egress windows in your basement yet? Adam Basement has you covered! Whether it's a brand-new installation or an existing window that needs some repairs, our team of qualified professionals can handle all of your needs. Not sure where to start? Contact us today and receive a free assessment at absolutely no cost!

  • Benefits of getting basement waterproofing

    One of the most common forms of damage in a house is water damage because it can be caused by anything from seepage, humidity, overflows, burst pipes, rain, and more. The one part that is most vulnerable to water damage is your basement because of course water flows to the lowest point and can easily get in through cracks in your foundation. It is estimated that around 80% of basements experience water damage at some point. Excess water in a basement can cause all sorts of problems such as structural damage and mold growth, which make it essential to get basement waterproofing. Here is the list of all the benefits you get basement waterproofing: Potential Reduction In Cost of Insurance Claims Water damage accounts for almost half of all insurance claims made by owners. Basement flooding may cause structural damage, cracks in the foundation, damage to wood, drywall. All of which can increase the cost of claims significantly. Major storms and flooding are not the only causes of basement water damage. Leaky pipes can also cause significant structural damage if ignored for too long. Spending a little time waterproofing your basement now can prevent these issues and ultimately save you a lot of money. Prevention of Basement Flooding Simple waterproofing actions like installing a sump pump, installing a drainage system, and sealing cracks in the foundation are some of the most effective ways of preventing basement floods. Healthier Environment in Home Excess water or high moisture levels can lead to mildew and mold. These molds not only cause damage to your property but can also affect your health negatively. The effects can include breathing issues, allergies, and even respiratory infections. You should remember that molds can grow in hidden areas. Waterproofing your basement helps prevent mold by reducing the overall moisture level. Lower Heating and Cooling Costs If you have moisture in the air, your HVAC system has to work hard in order to heat or cool your home. This can raise your energy bills significantly. Effective waterproofing reduces the humidity level in your home, which keeps your heating and cooling bills at an acceptable rate. Basement Floor Protection Most basements have concrete floors that are 2-4inches thick. The thin layer of concrete is vulnerable to pressure from groundwater swelling up underneath, which can cause cracks in the floor. If there is a crack in the floor, then your basement is at a much higher risk of seepage or serious flooding. Protection for your Sump Pump Installing a sump pump is one of the most effective ways of waterproofing your basement, but you cannot solely rely on it to keep water out of the basement. Sump pumps can malfunction or stop working altogether if there is a power outage, which can cause water to rush into the basement. Waterproofing your basement mays seems like an easy job but there are many things you need to consider before using any method. To make this easy, hire professionals for basement waterproofing Philadelphia today.

  • Pay the Mandatory Basement Egress Window Cost for a Secure Home Environment

    Water has a significant impact on different levels of any home, especially basements. Many buildings across the US are harmed by waterlogging and eventual floods. Seepage into basements is a problem in many American homes. These areas are frequently used to keep extra items such as storage racks, beds, cabinets, musical instruments, etc. After seepage, it is also essential to install operational egress windows for individuals to exit the structure. To find out more, customers must contact reputable local dealers to know the basement egress window cost. What Needs to be Known About Egress Windows Though it looks like a large and regular window, an egress window opens completely to allow occupants of a structure to flee in an emergency, especially during floods or in case of a fire. Homeowners cannot legally make a finished basement a residential space without installing the required windows per the basement egress window cost. Besides providing a means of escape, egress windows have other advantages, such as improving ventilation and natural lighting within the basement. They can also have lovely interior trims that complement the aesthetics of basement rooms. Hire a Professional for Window Installation It’s not that a skilled homeowner will not be able to install an egress window. A few installation tasks require professional services, so it would be better to contact an experienced contractor. For example, putting up a below-grade window necessitates digging enough earth to make room for the enormous window to be accommodated accordingly. It will also be necessary to cut a window opening through the home’s foundation to lead into the basement, which could get tricky and costly if not done correctly. Verify Expertise with Company Reviews Always carry out comprehensive research on the basement company to be called, either for only installing egress windows or for basement waterproofing. One approach is to read online reviews, while the other is to get in touch with known persons for their own experiences. Photographs taken before and after basement restoration will help select a company. Use the pictures to judge the quality of work and the company’s potential. The best way to understand quality is to go to a live construction site where company professionals are currently on duty. It could be a sign that something is awry if professionals continually discourage such visits, citing illogical reasons. Know the Start and End Dates Before hiring waterproofing contractors, find out when the project begins and ends. These dates are essential for the company's future prosperity, not only for completing a property. Even if the end date is not entirely decided, it will help get an approximate idea. Do not let them delay projects unnecessarily as it would lead to extra money. Basements are integral entities in homes across the US, as mentioned earlier. These are fully functional living spaces, often consisting of refrigerators, televisions, and couches. Such self-contained units need to be waterproofed, with suitable basement egress windows installed in the right places.

  • What is the Requirement of a Backup Sump Pump in Your House?

    Do you have a backup sump pump? It's essential to know the answer to this question because if your primary pump fails, you may find yourself in some pretty serious water trouble. A backup system will keep your basement dry and safe, but if you are looking for a few more reasons why you need a spare sump pump, then read below! 1. Backup Pumps are Battery-Operated, Quick to Install, and Easy to Use! One of the best investments you can make for your home is to install a backup sump pump. These battery-operated devices are easy and quick to install, meaning that they will be ready in no time at all when disaster strikes. The best part about the device is that the battery life it holds is about ten years. You can always be assured that your backup pump will be ready to go even years down the line. 2. A Backup Sump Pump Will Continue to Work During Power Outages A backup sump pump that continues to work even during power outages can be a lifesaver if you're not home and your primary pump breaks. Because backup sump pumps are usually battery operated, you can be assured it will still function. It's essential to know the difference, though, between a backup sump pump and an auxiliary one. A backup sump pump is typically installed on the same level as your main drain system, while an auxiliary one works temporarily on another floor or in another room. 3. You Don’t Have to Constantly Worry About Your Primary Sump Pump The worst things always happen at the worst times. In the case of your sump pump, this can be detrimental to your home. Primary sump pumps can fail anytime. It could be a failed switch, frozen pipes, or normal wear tear. A basement backup sump pump will save you from these possibilities and prevent your home from flooding. 4. Primary Sump Pumps can get Overwhelmed During Heavy Rain Sump pumps are great at preventing flooding, but they can't always handle high volumes of water. When the primary pump fails during a rainstorm or flash flood event with extreme rainfall rates, even an electric pump with high power may not be enough to keep your home dry. With a backup system installed and running alongside the main sump pump, you can rest easy knowing that both pumps will be enough to handle heavy water flow. If this is a concern, consider having your secondary electric-powered pump’s discharge pipe separate from whatever setup is being used for primary pumping duties in case anything goes wrong or if you just want an extra layer of protection against high volumes entering at one point during heavy rains and storms. Your sump pump is one of the most important pieces to your home's plumbing system. If you don't have a backup, it can be disastrous if something happens. Flooding can happen quickly if your primary pump breaks down or is overworked. No matter where you live, installing a backup is very important. So, without wasting any more time, dial us and get the best quality backup sump pump installed today!

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