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  • The Best Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry and Protected

    When the ground outside is saturated, rainwater rushes downhill, and the basement is almost always one of the first places to flood. Basements are uncommon to flooding during heavy rains, spring thaw, and even winter. Basements are naturally susceptible to groundwater flooding because they’re often located below ground level and have limited natural ventilation. Water has nowhere else to go except directly into your basement when a heavy rainstorm or snow melts. Basements are also prone to water damage from plumbing leaks and humid environments such as laundry rooms, wine cellars, and finished rec rooms. This article will provide you with helpful tips on how you can keep your basement dry. These simple strategies will keep water from seeping through your foundation walls and floors so that you no longer worry about what might lurk in your dark basement when the lights go out. Install a sump pump and check your drainage system A sump pump is critical equipment for any home with a basement because it can quickly remove water from your home if it floods. There are two types of sump pumps – high water and low water. A high-water sump pump is made for use in homes with an increased risk of flooding, like those built in low-lying flood zones or below sea level. A low-water sump pump is best for homes without a high risk of flooding. Sump pumps are designed to work automatically, but they’re not infallible. Keeping them clean and maintained will extend their lifespan and help them perform properly when you need them most. Make sure there is no debris blocking the pump’s intake. A clogged sump pump is one of the first signs that your basement is flooding. Your drainage system is a series of pipes and gutters that divert rainwater from your foundation walls. You can check for clogs and blockages in your drainage system by removing the grate from your foundation wall and looking for obstructions like leaves and sticks. Clean out any debris you find, and significantly reduce the risk of water seeping into your basement. Install waterproofing sealant and basement shoring Waterproofing sealant is a cheap and effective way to waterproof your basement. You can hire the services of basement waterproofing in Georgetown. You can also hire a professional to install a waterproofing membrane. The membrane is a thin, durable fabric that’s wrapped around the outside foundation walls and inside the basement walls. It forms a waterproof barrier that can be installed in a few hours and should last more than 20 years. You can also install shoring, a system of wooden or steel beams between your foundation wall and the soil outside your home. The beams are driven into the ground to support your foundation and prevent the soil from saturating the ground around your house and seeping into your basement. Conclusion A flooded basement is one of the worst things to happen to a homeowner. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent your home from flooding. These include installing a sump pump, cleaning out your drainage system, installing waterproofing sealant and basement shoring, and installing waterproof drywall. By taking these simple steps, you can significantly reduce your risk of a flooded basement. For the protection of your basement, you can call us today.

  • Risks of Poor Basement Air Quality and How to Avoid Them

    Basements often get a bad rap, mainly because they’re seen as dark and musty places. The truth is, basements can be great spaces for entertaining, extra storage, or even a place just to relax! However, the air quality in your basement can play a huge role in how comfortable you are in these areas of your home. While it might seem like a harmless oversight, poor air quality in your basement can have serious consequences! As an expert when it comes to basements, trust us when we tell you that poor air quality in the basement can lead to mold growth, allergens, and asthma triggers--all of which can cause major health problems for you and your family that you should address as soon as possible! Let's take a look at some of these risks—and how to avoid them. Mold & Mildew Growth One of the most common concerns with poor basement air quality is mold and mildew growth. Its damp environment is an ideal spot for mold and mildew—making it their go-to breeding ground. Not only does mold look disgusting, but it can also cause respiratory problems for those living in the home. Those with respiratory issues are especially vulnerable as the spores from this fungus can cause a host of health issues if left untreated. Therefore, it can be hazardous to your health! To avoid mold growth in your basement, keep moisture levels low by using a dehumidifier or keeping windows open when possible. Also, make sure to fix any plumbing leaks and clean up spills quickly! Additionally, inspect areas of your basement that are prone to collecting moisture. This includes near windows or around pipes where water could potentially enter the space. Ensuring you waterproof your basement with the help of our team is essential for preserving and keeping it safe from any potential damage! Poor Ventilation Another common issue in basements is poor ventilation which can cause humidity levels to rise quickly as well as trap dust particles and other air pollutants in the room. This can lead to a buildup of stale air that can cause health problems such as headaches or asthma attacks! To improve ventilation and air quality in your basement, make sure that there is an adequate amount of airflow throughout the space. This can be done by adding vents or fans that will help circulate fresh air into the area and keep humidity levels low. Or simply open windows whenever possible! If you want even more substantial airflow and natural light to enter, you can have our Egress Windows to be installed! Not only will it provide better safety measures in the long run, but a much-needed flow of fresh air and sunshine as well. Allergens & Asthma Triggers Let's be honest; basements tend to be one of the most neglected spaces in homes--frequently becoming havens for dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that can trigger allergies or asthma attacks in those with allergic sensitivities. To avoid these allergens from accumulating in your basement, it’s important to keep up with regular cleaning (vacuuming carpets/rugs at least once a week) and dusting shelves/furniture on a regular basis (at least once every two weeks). Another way to improve air quality in the basement is investing in an air purifier or trying our Air Quality Control service. This will help filter out any lingering allergens from the space while also providing additional circulation throughout the room! High Humidity Levels Another risk of having poor air quality in the basement is that it can cause high humidity levels. And FYI, it not only causes mold growth but can also damage furniture and electronics if left unchecked over time! Ideally, humidity levels should be kept between 30-50%, and anything higher than 50% needs to be addressed immediately before more serious damage occurs inside the home due to excess moisture buildup from condensation on walls or ceilings. What can you do? First off, use dehumidifiers around the house and check them regularly since they tend to fill up quickly when humidity levels are high inside a confined space like a basement. Additionally, make sure all windows are closed tightly, and that doors leading outside are kept shut when possible since humid outside air will only exacerbate the situation indoors if allowed too much access into your home's interior spaces. Investing in a good quality dehumidifier like our Aprilaire Dehumidifier is one of the best ways to control your home's humidity levels all year round! Wrapping It Up No one wants poor indoor air quality in their home; it’s not only unpleasant but also potentially hazardous to our well-being! As we mentioned, poor basement air quality poses many risks, including mold and mildew growth, poor ventilation leading to allergens and asthma triggers, and high humidity levels damaging furniture and electronics over time. And we don't want our family to suffer from these! Taking proactive steps like keeping your basement dry and ventilated are key components in improving its overall air quality. With these tips —and a little help from our professional team here at Adam Basement—you can ensure your family stays healthy while enjoying all the benefits of having a functional and enjoyable space in your home! After all–it's always easier (and cheaper) to prevent a problem than it is to try to fix one later on down the line! Act now before it's too late! Contact us and have our experts guarantee your basement's air quality today! With our team of specialists committed to providing you with superior service, start improving the air quality in your home right away!

  • Questions to Ask Your Egress Window Installer

    If you have decided to get an egress window for your basement, you need to find a proper contractor who will do the right job. To judge a contractor properly, you need to ask questions critically and judge them on their response. Getting a contractor without adequately vetting them will result in shoddy and inexperienced installation, higher bills, and delay in completion. Here are a few questions to help you assess your contractor. You can always build upon these questions on your own. 1. What Experience and Certifications Do They Have? Installation of egress windows requires expert skills, and certifications are proof of their abilities. Certifications and experience show the capability and quality of the contractors. Based on their experience, the price may go up a little, but it will be worth it. 2. Can They Provide Any Examples of Their Previous Work? Get references of their work to assess the quality of the work. If they have any projects nearby, you may ask to see them in person. Check online reviews of the contractor as well. The reason for this question is pretty simple: it is to validate the claims of the contractor. 3. Who Will Supervise the Work? Supervision of the project is necessary to ensure that it is happening correctly. Contractors either have their own crew or sub-contract it to others. Asking questions regarding the supervisor will help you understand the individual's competency and judge if the work is in safe hands. 4. What is the Estimated Cost of The Installation? Basement egress window installation cost varies based on your requirements, condition, and size. Some contractors also charge for consultation and estimates. Be upfront about finances to avoid surprise charges later. Ask about the contractor's payment regime and how frequently they expect to be paid. 5. What is the Expected Timeline? Any reliable and experienced installer will give an accurate estimate of the duration of the installation. This will reveal their plan of action for the project. Vague answers often mean that the project is not well planned and will likely take longer than what they suggest. 6. How Much Will the Weather Affect the Work? Weather is the most critical factor that will affect the installation timeline. Ask your installer if they work in extreme conditions and if the installation may get delayed due to weather conditions. Since contractors do not handle a single project at a time, if the weather does postpone their other projects it will push your installation further. 7. Who to Call if Something Goes Wrong? Most egress window installers provide warranties on their products and work. Whether something goes wrong during the installation or after it, there has to be someone you could reach out to. Make sure to get proper contacts for any issues that may arise. It is better to hire the same company to do the work from beginning to end to avoid confusion and have a proper go-to person if something breaks or malfunctions. If you wish to install egress windows in your basements, contact Adam Basement for a free evaluation.

  • Tips For Selecting the Best Egress Window Installation Company

    We all know how important installing an egress window in your basement is. After all, an egress window can help you in dire situations. If you ever need an escape route in emergency situations, these windows can be a lifesaver! So, what are you waiting for? We understand it can be challenging to look for the best installation service provider, especially when you haven't conducted research like this before. But, worry not! This article is here to help you out. Let's have a look at a few tips that can help you select the best egress window installation services. Start by Looking for References The first and the most important thing while looking for the best basement egress window installation services is that you take care of the research part! Having just one company you consider can decreases your chances of getting the best services in town. We are sure you don't want to face inconvenience later, especially when you are spending a hefty amount of money! Ensure You Have a Detailed Look at all the Services Provided Once you have a handful of names in front of you, the next thing for you to do is go to their website and have a detailed look at their services. A website is one great source to collect detailed information about the service provider. You can have a look at their contact details, what their clients say about the services, the number of services they provide, and if they can fulfil your demands or not. Go Through the Reviews and Ratings Online Once you shortlist a few names after having a look at their website, the next thing to concentrate on is the reviews and ratings. This will help you have a clear look at the overall picture and see if what you read on their website was true or not. If the ratings are overall positive, we recommend you shortlist them. Make Sure They are Experienced Having years of experience in the field means they know how to do the job well, take good care of emergencies, and handle a tight schedule. If you wish to have a smooth relationship with the service provider, knowing they are experienced will help you feel at ease! If you have any doubts after this and are still left with two names to decide from, we recommend you make a call and talk to them. We are sure you will be able to make a confident decision after an informative phone call! Now that you are well aware of the tips, it’s time to implement what you just read. If you think that research is really not your cup of tea, its best to reach out to us! We are the top company in our industry, can take care of all your needs and demands. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will take over the rest from there!

  • Safety Specifications for Egress Windows

    One of the best ways to increase the value of your residential property is to add an extra bedroom. One room in the house is often unused and left to gather dust in the basement. If you can convert that into an additional living space, it will add value to your property. However, one safety requirement needs to be fulfilled before doing so, which is adding a means of escape in case of fire or other emergencies in the basement. This is where egress windows come into the picture. What is an Egress Window? It is a window that looks just like a regular large window but opens completely to allow the inhabitants to escape in an emergency like a fire. Egress windows are required by law in all basements converted into a living space. The basement egress window Installation should be done before converting the basement into a living space. The local building codes and the International Residential code determine the window's dimensions must comply with. The area that lies immediately outside the address window is called a window well. It is a rectangular half-circle Shield that sits inside a dug-up portion of Earth surrounding the basement window. There are specific regulations that should be considered while constructing window wells. Safety Considerations to Be Taken into Account Though local building codes may vary according to the region, the IRC standards should be met while installing a basement egress window. Some of the requirements for the egress window are: The window must provide a clear and unobstructed opening of at least 5.7 square ft. and must be a minimum of 24 inches tall and 20 inches wide. The bottom of the clear opening should not be higher than 44 inches from the floor. The window should open without the use of any special tools. A window well has to be installed if the window is below ground level. The window well should also follow specific standards. The area of the well should be a minimum of 9 square feet It must be at least 36 inches in length and breadth There has to be a ladder in the well if it is deeper than 44 inches below ground level The ladder should be at least 12 inches wide. Make sure that there is enough space near your window so that the installation company meets the requirements mentioned above while installing the egress window. We are a team of experienced professionals who understand the need to stick to the budget. To know more about egress window installation and related costs, contact us.

  • What are the Benefits of Installing Egress Windows on Your Property?

    An egress window is a window large enough for an adult to climb in and out of as an escape route in an emergency and a point of access for firefighters and emergency personnel. A total openable space of 5.7 square feet is required, which is large enough for an adult to climb through. Egress windows are commonly found in basements. However, they can also be found in "any sleeping room" (as stipulated by the International Residential Code (IRC)). Egress windows are essential for various reasons, not just because they are required by law. So, let’s know the benefits of installing one in your home. Safety Concerns Basements are dangerous because they lack an escape path in an emergency. Egress windows provide security. They provide an escape path and an entry route in the event of a house fire. A house fire can quickly spread throughout a residence, leaving only three minutes to escape safely. Having an escape plan is crucial whether you utilize the area as an extra bedroom or an entertainment room. If a fire breaks out, family members can swiftly exit the basement via the egress windows. In a completed basement, these windows are incredibly vital. Daylighting Do you need more light? Egress windows, especially in a basement, allow an unbelievable quantity of light. Most people enjoy having natural light in their basement, and as a result, they use less electricity during the day. Once installed, an egress window can provide a home with both beauty and utility cost savings. Daylight has numerous health benefits, including preventing seasonal depression, boosting sleep quality, and minimizing the health dangers associated with fluorescent light. Ventilation and Design Egress windows come in a variety of styles. In-swing single-hung windows, sliding windows, and casement windows are among them. These windows provide elegant upgrades to your property, even if they are not visible from the street. Basements have very little room for windows. As a result, having an escape window that can offer appropriate ventilation is critical. In any cellar, fresh air is a tremendous benefit. It's healthy for your health and mood, but it can also help prevent mold and mildew from growing. More ventilation in your basement living space will help you avoid respiratory problems and allergies. How to Install an Egress Window Okay, so if you think you will keep your finances safe by not appointing a professional to do the job, you are going wrong! One must take care that selecting an experienced professional is one of the essential things in the entire procedure. It would be best to ask them about the basement egress window cost. The best way to do that is to research the market price and compare it with different companies. The one that is ready to cater to all your needs and sounds affordable is what you should choose. If you can't figure out one quote without research, visit us today! Being the best in the industry, we will care for all your needs and demands.

  • Advantages of Egress Windows

    Egress Windows are installed as an escape route in emergencies like a fire, flooding, or such. They are about 6 square feet, big enough for an adult human to climb out of the room or the indoor space. An egress window also works as the route to go in during a case of fire for firefighters. Egress windows are usually installed in basements but are sometimes also installed in the sleeping room. Usually, the laid-down rules and regulations require the mandatory installation of egress windows. And there are other benefits as well. Safety With egress windows, you have an escape route in case of an emergency which assures your safety. Fire and such accidents are unforeseen, and you cannot wait for such accidents to happen and then think of a solution. It would help if you had precautions already taken and escape routes ready for you. Especially if you are using the basement regularly for activities like gaming, laundry room, or anything at all, you need to make sure it is a safe space, and egress windows provide you that safety in the basement. Daylighting Egress windows are 6 square feet big, so they are enough for plenty of daylight to come into the basement or any indoor spaces. We always prefer maximum daylight to illuminate our room because it is healthy for us; a good amount of sunlight helps us regulate our sleep cycle or the circadian rhythm. It also helps save a lot of money on electricity bills because you won’t need to use artificial light when you have plenty of sunlight. Ventilation Basements are closed spaces with little to no ventilation. The air in the basement can make you uncomfortable because of the lack of good ventilation. Good ventilation stops the mold and mildew that usually grow in the dark, humid and less ventilated areas. Egress windows provide good ventilation, providing fresh air and keeping the basement fresh and easy to breathe. Basements with no ventilation can be dangerous and trigger allergies due to mold, mildew growths, and insufficient fresh air. Style The basement’s egress windows might not be visible from the curb, but they can be installed in a way that becomes visible when looked at closely. More importantly, if you use your basement as a habitable space, such as a work room or study room, you would want the whole area to look good. Like any other room in your home, you would design the basement to look aesthetically pleasing. Egress windows come in wide varieties, and you can choose the kind that adds to or fits in perfectly with your aesthetics of the basement. Basement egress window costs less and has ample benefits to consider; hence you should get them for your basement. Good ventilation, stylish look, sunlight source, etc., are some of the many benefits. It would help if you did not forget that apart from the benefits, installing an egress window in the basement is mandatory because it is a safety measure that can save lives. If you are looking for egress windows for your basement, you can contact us today and have them installed immediately.

  • Stay Safe with Functional Basement Egress Windows

    Water has a significant impact on various levels, particularly basements. Waterlogging and subsequent floods cause damage to many buildings around the United States. Several American homes experience waterlogging in the rains, which concerns hygiene and safety. Different objects such as storage racks, beds, cupboards, musical instruments, and other items that are typically stored in these locations have to be removed. It is critical to have operable evacuation windows for people to exit, whether due to seepage or any other emergency. Buy Basement Egress Windows from Reputable Companies Customers who want to learn more about the basement egress window installation should contact respected local vendors. The basement experts will show the products and check their size as per your basement requirement. Remember to purchase the windows from reputable experts in your city. Much information about the basement work companies is available online. Things to Know About Basement Egress Windows Although it seems to be a standard window, the egress window opens completely to allow people of a building to evacuate in an emergency, such as during flooding or fire. Homeowners cannot lawfully convert a finished basement into a living space without basement egress window installation. Therefore, before moving into a new area, check for the availability of the egress window in case of a basement. Checking upon its condition will allow you to be safe in the rains and possibly reduce the rent or purchase price if the renovation is necessary. Consider renovation of your own house by changing the basement egress windows. Apart from providing a route to escape, egress windows are also helpful in boosting ventilation and natural illumination for the basement. Many windows are available with fabulous interior trims to match the look of the basement rooms. Such windows are open with the below benefits: 1) Increasing House Value - Future buyers will find your home more appealing if it meets building codes. Keep in mind that new windows will be aesthetically pleasing, making the home appear pristine to those who visit. Additionally, egress windows increase the square footage of your property, allowing you to get more money upon the home’s sale. 2) More Sunlight Inside - New windows will become bright openings for sunlight to enter, lower utility bills. Residents of the home will also feel fresher with more sunlight around. Get Installation Done by a Professional A knowledgeable homeowner can install the basement egress window. However, a few installation chores necessitate professional assistance, so hiring a seasoned contractor is best. For instance, installing a below-grade window entails excavating enough soil to accommodate the massive window hole. Cutting a window opening from within the home's foundation to connect with the basement will also be required, which can be challenging and costly if not done correctly. With suitable basement egress windows, residents of a home will feel safer during the rains. With floodwater not entering the house, items can be stored without fear in the basement. Do remember to get the installation done by a professional company.

  • Benefits of Basement Waterproofing: Protect Your Valuable Home Investment

    The basement is often one of the most neglected areas in a home. Unless you have finished basement space, it’s not exactly something that you see every day. Unfortunately, this can lead to some very unfortunate discoveries when the first signs of water or moisture appear. Basements are very prone to problems with water and moisture penetration. The floor being below ground means fewer natural barriers against water seeping in from above ground level. It also means that if your home has a typical crawl space underneath it, these should be checked because they can also be prone to moisture problems. This is where basement waterproofing in Seaford comes to help! What is Basement Waterproofing? Basement waterproofing in Seaford is the process of stopping water from finding its way into your basement. A waterproofed basement is a dry basement that doesn’t have standing water or moisture. A waterproofed basement is important because water that finds its way into the basement can cause several problems. Water that collects in the basement can cause mold and mildew to grow. That is why it is essential to waterproof your basement as soon as possible. You don’t want water in your basement and sitting there for years. It will cause damage to your basement walls. Benefits of Basement Waterproofing Increase the Value of Your Home One of the best reasons to waterproof your basement is that it can increase the value of your home. A home with a dry and waterproof basement will always be more valuable than a home with a wet and moldy basement. You will notice that most newer homes have finished basements. This is because the builder has waterproofed the basement for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about it. However, older homes often don’t have finished basements. You can complete your basement and make it an area where you can spend time. It can also be an excellent place for your kids. Having a finished basement will increase the value of your home. It will allow you to use the space in your home better. You can also make money off of your finished basement by using it to host events like birthday parties or charity fundraisers. Having a finished and waterproof basement will help you increase the value of your home. It will also allow you to use the space in your home better. Protect Your Investments Another great reason to waterproof your basement is that it can help protect your investments. It can also help protect your electrical equipment and other expensive items from being ruined because of flooding. A dry and waterproof basement can help protect your investment in your home. It can help protect your home from the damage that water can cause. Final Take These crawl spaces can trap moisture, and if they aren’t properly insulated, they can lead to many issues. The best way to prevent moisture problems in your crawl space is to ensure it is well insulated. You can also make sure to keep your crawl space free of debris. Debris can collect in these areas and cause problems. Call 717-699-8990 for more information.

  • Why to Install Egress Windows in Your Basement Today?

    If you have a basement in your home, it’s critical to understand why you need an egress window. The egress window, also known as the escape window, is basically a second way to enter or exit an enclosed area, like a basement. This window can be beneficial in a lot of ways and can even help you escape during an emergency when you don't have access to the main entrance. Let's get to a few reasons why you should be installing an egress window today! It Helps You Keep Your Basement Dry Basements are vulnerable to dampness if you don't keep a check on them. There is a high possibility that it gets filled with moisture because the basement is beneath the ground. There could be water seepage leading to mold growth. These issues will only vanish if you keep your basement dry. Natural light from an egress window can help with keeping a basement dry. Basement egress window installation can save you from having a damp basement and save the space from developing mold. Installing Them Will Raise Your Home’s Value Building regulations in the US have made the installation of egress windows mandatory when you build or purchase a new house. If you own an older home or finished your basement and don’t have a safe basement egress, you’ll need to have one installed before selling or getting your finished basement approved! A licensed and permitted basement can increase the value of your home. They are Essential for Your Family’s Safety Your family’s safety comes first. If you have a single exit basement, your family may have trouble exiting during an emergency. Having an egress window can save you and your family during life-or-death situations. There is a reason why the window type is also known as an escape window! They Assist with Limiting Mold Growth If your basement is damp and wet all the time, chances are you are going to face a lot of mold and bacteria growth. If you don't want your family to catch allergies and infections due to mold growth, it's time to ventilate your basement with the help of an egress window. You can open it for a few hours in the day to assist with basement dampness! One of the most important reasons for you to get it done today is to ensure you have an emergency exit available at all times. If anything goes wrong during the day, you and your family will know where to go and how to escape the house without getting into trouble. If you are ready to get your egress window installed as soon as possible, reach out to us today. We are the best company to provide you with quality egress windows at an economical price. Call us today!

  • Services You Can Get for Your Basement

    Your basement or the attic is the space in your home that gets the least attention and care. Having your basement collect dust and dirt is useless; you could utilize that space for multiple purposes. To make it a livable space, you must take care of the basement and have some services done. The first would be to have it cleaned up. After cleaning up, you need to have waterproofing done, and you can add egress windows and doors and do something for the air quality of the basement area. Waterproofing Waterproofing the basement will prevent the basement from getting any issues related to water, such as water leaking or flooding in case of a pipe burst or heavy rains. Water finds its way to places you didn't expect it; in the basement, water can even get through walls, floors, or mortar joints. This could lead to significant damage to the house, especially to the foundation. Waterproofing the basement can help you avoid many issues you may face in case of any malfunctions in water pipes in your house. Egress Windows and Doors Egress windows are escape areas in case of fire or flooding or such. If you are in the basement and something unfortunate happens, you can escape through egress windows, usually installed during the house’s renovation. There are often specific rules and regulations regarding egress windows, and you should consider them when hiring a basement egress window contractor. Usually, egress windows are 6 square feet and rectangular, which is good enough for an escape in case of any emergency. Air Quality Control Basements are often dark and not well ventilated, which causes mold or mildew to grow in corners, walls, or floors. These molds and mildew are harmful to humans because they produce harmful particles released into the air, and humans inhale that air. This can cause allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, etc. To avoid this, you should keep your basement dry and free of humidity or liquids. There should be good ventilation so the air in the basement gets adequately circulated. Apart from these services, you can also get other services such as sump pumps, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, etc. The basement is an under-appreciated area; you can utilize that space for many things such as storage, game room, work room, laundry room, wine cellar, play-room for kids, etc. You should keep in mind that any area you are utilizing should be safe and secure for you and your family, which means before you think of using your basement for anything, you should secure it in every way possible. You should make sure the basement's foundation is vital because the foundation of the basement is also the foundation of your house. You can contact us via call or our website for any basement-related services, and we'll be there for you. We provide all the services from waterproofing to air quality improvement and everything in between.

  • Benefits of Installing Basement Egress Windows on Your Property

    Many homes lack sufficient subsurface access to their basement's living quarters. This is especially true in older homes where having an egress window was not common at the time the house was built. An egress window is simply a point of access or departure into and out of your basement. It serves as a safe escape path in the event of a fire in your home when other exits are blocked or too risky to pass through. They must be large enough to allow a full-grown man to pass through them. Want to know a few more benefits? Here we go! They Enhance the Sunlight Coming into Your Basement Basements don't get a lot of light because they're underground. As a result, you may need to light your basement with artificial lighting. Not only will the sun improve your attitude, but it will also help you save money on your energy expenses. Installing egress windows also helps you keep the basement dry and free of bacteria. Continuous exposure to sunlight helps keep the basement dry in the day, and if by chance you see any water collection down there, egress windows will help you tackle the issue easily. They Increase the Value of Your Home Egress windows are required by the state in all habitable portions of a home, including basements that have been converted into bedrooms or other types of usable space. Future buyers will find your home more appealing if it complies with building codes. Additionally, egress windows increase the square footage of your property, which means you may expect to get more money when you sell it. Furthermore, we must not overlook the fact that these windows are visually appealing, making your property appear pristine to everyone who visits and are worth the investment. So, click here to get to know basement egress window cost today! They Help Improve the Safety of Your Family If you're in your basement and your house burns down or faces floods, you'll need to get out quickly. Thankfully, egress windows allow you and your family to exit your home. It will be more difficult to escape an emergency if your basement lacks egress windows. Also, these windows make it easy for emergency personnel to enter your home and deal with the problem. They Help Keep Your Basement Dry Another advantage of egress window’s is that they keep your basement cool. They help to ventilate your home by enabling fresh air to enter and flow throughout it. It will also assist in maintaining a consistent temperature in your space. As a result, allergy-inducing mold and mildew will be less likely to grow in your house. Now that you are well aware of the benefits, we are sure the next thing you are going to do is find the best and the most reliable egress window installation services. Luckily, we are right here! If you are looking for someone who can provide you with quality services at reasonable prices, contact us today!

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