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  • Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional for Basement Egress Window Installation

    A majority of people prefer to do things around the house on their own. This is a source of pride for some of them. When they see the benefits of their efforts, they are proud and confident. They also may view do-it-yourself work as a way to save money. While this will save you some money in the short-term, executing such jobs on your own isn't always the most cost-effective solution. For example, projects such as a basement egress window installation may be more difficult than other chores. Since these windows are used as a means out of the basement during an emergency, they must be constructed and installed properly according to building codes and state regulations. Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Installers 1. Efficient and Cost-Effective Basements and other comparable areas in your house are frequently used for storage. If you leave such a location without a window for a few days while you are installing, many insects, bugs, and other animals may infiltrate. Furthermore, devoting effort to the installation of your egress window may result in higher prices than anticipated. If your regular employment or side jobs suffer as a result of your DIY project, it may end up costing you more than hiring a professional. Professional window installers should be able to determine the cost of window replacement and provide you with an estimate beforehand. That way, you'll know everything you need to know about the budget ahead of time. 2. Help You Meet Safety Requirements Installing an egress window correctly will improve your home's overall energy efficiency. Due to dampness and a lack of fresh air, basements are typically energy inefficient. By adding an egress window to it, you may minimize humidity, boost energy efficiency, and possibly convert it into another room in your house. You might not fulfill all of the installation standards needed to conduct the activities in an efficient manner if you install the egress window without the help of a professional. Aside from that, this process necessitates a variety of equipment for all of the tasks involved. There are various stages in the process, from removing pieces of the wall to making way for the window to installing and adjusting the window. A professional will have all of the necessary tools to complete the work. 3. Attention to Detail In every activity, the major difference between a professional and an amateur is that the latter usually leaves things a little rough around the edges. Because of the location where an egress window should be installed, it is a delicate task. It will be difficult to warm up the basement or any other room where you install the egress window if every little hole surrounding the window is not properly sealed. The information mentioned above should help you understand the benefits of hiring a professional basement egress window installation company for your house. Contact us at Adam Basement to book an appointment with the best egress window installer in the area!

  • The Plumber’s Toolbox: Why You Need These 7 Essential Tools

    Let’s be honest; plumbers don’t always have it easy. Not only do they have to go through the rigors of tough training, but they also need to own the right tools in plumbing to get the job done safely and efficiently. When it comes to plumbing, having the ideal tool is invaluable – regardless of whether you are a novice or an accomplished plumber. Despite the numerous types of plumbing tools available, understanding which ones are crucial can be challenging for those initially learning how to become a successful plumber. So what must-have items should go in your toolbox? As your reliable and knowledgeable allies regarding waterproofing systems, we have compiled the seven essential tools for any aspiring plumber! Let's dive right into it and start equipping ourselves with these handy items. #1. Pipe Wrench A pipe wrench should be your go-to tool if you want to get serious about plumbing repairs. Wrenches are a must-have, as they come in handy when tightening and loosening pipes and fittings. This tool is essential if you need to work with galvanized or iron pipes since they are more challenging to work with than plastic ones. They are designed to grip onto pipes tightly so you can turn them without slipping off or damaging them. And with the proper wrench, you can easily reach into tight spots to loosen stubborn screws or bolts without having to remove the entire fixture. For a tip, look for wrenches with adjustable jaws and a long handle for better leverage. Trust us with this one; wrenches are our best friends when it comes to our waterproofing and sump pump projects! So, if you don’t have one already, pick one up before tackling any major plumbing projects! #2. Pipe Cutters As you can guess from the name, pipe cutters are used to cut through different kinds of pipes, including copper and PVC pipes. It is a must-have for any plumber like you, for this is an invaluable tool that will save you time and energy when cutting through pipes! For instance, tubing and pipe cutters allow you to quickly and easily cut through copper pipes with minimal effort. Tubing cutters have rotating cutting wheels that make quick work of soft copper tubes, while pipe cutters have blades that score rigid copper pipes so they can be bent without kinking or breaking them apart completely. When it's time to replace aging pipes or set up new plumbing fixtures, a pipe cutter is your go-to tool! With this trusty tool, you can quickly and accurately make the necessary cuts – so don't forget to add a good pipe cutter to your toolbox today! #3. Plunger A plunger is a classic tool that has been around since ancient times! They are designed to create suction to unclog drains and toilets by pushing air through blockages. It is an absolute must-have for any plumber like us as it helps unclog sinks and toilets quickly and easily without using harsh chemicals or other messy solutions. Regarding plungers, having the right one for the job is vital! The two basic types are cup and flange plungers; cup plungers consist of a rubber cup and handle, while flange plungers have a different rubber sleeve at the bottom of the plunger that creates a seal around the drain opening. In general, choosing either type of plunger depends on what kind of fixture needs to be unclogged and its size and shape. Just make sure your plunger has good suction power for maximum efficiency! #4. Drain Augers or Sink Snake If your plunger isn't getting the job done, you'll need a sink auger to help clear out more challenging blockages in your drains or toilets. An auger or sink snake is used to unclog sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other plumbing fixtures clogged with debris or foreign objects such as hair or food particles. It works by using a long flexible cable with an auger at one end that can reach deep into drains and pull out whatever is causing the clog. If you’ve ever had a clogged drain that just wouldn’t budge, then you know how important it is to have a reliable auger on hand. It will help clear out stubborn clogs without damaging the pipes themselves. From small hand augers to larger motorized models, plenty of options are available for clearing stubborn blockages in drains and pipes with minimal effort! #5. Thread Seal Tape/PTFE Tape Thread Seal Tape (also known as PTFE tape) is your go-to solution for sealing threaded joints in your plumbing applications. This thin white tape helps create an airtight seal between two pipes or fittings so that no water or gas escapes from the joint. PTPE tape is essential to prevent leaks caused by vibrations, pressure fluctuations, and temperature changes. Simple as it is, this tape creates an airtight bond between threaded components to ensure no water escapes - essential in plumbing repairs! #6. Pipe Locators Finding hidden piping can be tricky without the help of a pipe locator device. They allow you to detect underground pipes and drains even in the deepest and darkest places! How? These devices use radio frequency or electromagnetic signals to measure distances from the transmitter to the receiver, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of pipes and other infrastructure below the surface. With this device by your side, you can easily find your way through complex networks of underground piping without having to excavate too much soil. Plus, it saves time and money compared to manual methods of locating buried piping! #7. Patience and Optimism! The last and perhaps most important tool in the plumber’s toolbox is patience! We know that plumbing problems don't always have an easy solution - often, they require trial & error methods which can lead to frustration if not handled correctly. And yes, working as a plumber can be complicated and sometimes tedious. It's easy to dwell on challenging projects and let frustration take over, but by being happy with what you are doing, you will find much more satisfaction in your work, and your clients will surely see that too! Nothing beats feeling good about a job well done! With patience & positivity, you can finish every project with a smile and pride (and some sweat too)! Wrapping It Up There is no doubt that plumbing is a challenging and precise trade and having the right tools for the job is critical. While there may be more specialized tools out there that could come in handy from time to time, depending on your particular project at hand, these seven items listed above should definitely form the foundation for any serious plumber's toolkit. From leaky faucets to burst pipes, we have you covered with our plumbing tools list. These essential items will ensure you're prepared for whatever job comes your way - fixing simple leaks or installing complex plumbing systems - so don't forget them when stocking up your next load of supplies! But if you ever find yourself in doubt or require assistance, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us today for free evaluations and inspections! We are more than delighted to help keep your space safe from any further water-related issues!

  • 3 Reasons to Keep Your Basement Mold-Free

    Did you know molds can cause serious health problems if not controlled? It’s true! As a basement specialists, we know that if you’ve ever had a damp basement, mold can easily become an issue if not taken care of quickly. We have seen and fixed multiple moldy basements before. It can really be hazardous to your health and the structure of your home. Not convinced enough? Let us explain why keeping your basement clean and dry should be at the top of your priority list. Allergies & Asthma Flares If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, then it is essential that you take steps toward preventing mold growth in the basement as soon as possible! Mold spores are known allergens that can trigger allergy symptoms and asthma flares in those sensitive to them. People who suffer from allergies tend to experience flareups when exposed to mold spores which can result in sneezing fits, coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, headaches, fatigue, or skin rashes, and other uncomfortable symptoms – all of which can be pretty unpleasant! To help prevent these kinds of reactions, make sure to keep mold out of your basement by regularly checking for signs and getting rid of any existing mold with professional help from Adam Basement! How about a dehumidifier for mold? Dry air can lead to mold, and our EZ breathe system is the perfect solution for that! Not only does it lower humidity levels, but it also reduces moldy and musty odors- ideal for getting rid of that pesky damp, and musty air in your basement for good! Respiratory Issues Do you know that mold releases millions of spores into the air, which are invisible to the naked eye? Yes, and these spores can cause a variety of health issues! In addition to allergies and asthma flares, long-term mold exposure could lead to more serious respiratory issues, such as difficulty breathing or lung infections! This is because molds produce toxins called mycotoxins which can be dangerous when inhaled over time. To minimize the risk of such problems, check for mold growth before it gets out of hand. It’s vital to keep your children away from it as their young lungs are still developing and are particularly vulnerable to illnesses caused by mold spores! A moldy basement can quickly spread throughout your home and family if left unchecked. Take advantage of our free basement mold removal service evaluation to prevent this. We will create a customized solution tailored to your specific needs to protect your family from harm! Possible Structural Damage Mold isn’t just bad for human health; mold in basement floors or other areas with high humidity levels can also cause structural damage if left untreated! How? Well, mold needs damp environments to grow. They feed on organic materials like wood and drywall – so unchecked growth could eventually lead to weakened walls or floors if not taken care of promptly. It can also cause wood beams and joists under your floorboards or around windows to deteriorate over time, resulting in costly repairs. And no one wants that! That is why keeping your basement well-sealed, and moisture-free is essential to prevent any damage. One way to protect your home is by catching it early on with some basic maintenance upfront! Our team specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair, so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We have the knowledge and experience to help you salvage your home from mold damage, so don't hesitate to give us a call! Wrapping It Up No one wants their home invaded by unwanted visitors, especially those that could cause serious health problems! Keeping your basement mold-free isn't just about keeping it looking nice - it's about preserving the overall health of everyone living within its walls! From structural damage to breathing difficulties, there are plenty of reasons molds should be removed immediately if they appear in your home's lower levels. So don't wait around - take action now before it's too late! Keep your family safe and healthy by keeping the molds out of your basement. Don't let molds take over your home - call us today for a free consultation! It's one less thing you have to worry about when you have us, Adam Basement, on your side.

  • Spice Up Your Space: 7 of the Coolest Basement Ideas

    When it comes to home renovation, garages and attics tend to get all the love. But basements are often overlooked—and that's a shame! If you think your basement is just a dark, dreary place for storing boxes and junk—think again! From cozy reading nooks to home theaters and game rooms, we've got seven cool basement ideas to inspire you. So get ready to transform your dull old basement into a stylish and functional space you'll love spending time in. Let's get started! 1. Home Theater Why not turn your basement into your own private theater if you love movies? A basement home theater is perfect for watching your favorite movies and shows in peace. To create the ultimate viewing experience, invest in a comfortable couch or recliner and a high-definition TV. Install soundproofing insulation to minimize noise from upstairs, then add some comfortable seating and sound-dampening panels to reduce noise outside the room. If you want to take things to the next level, consider adding a wet bar for concessions. With a few simple modifications, your basement can become the perfect place to watch movies and TV. Plus, you can invite friends to watch films in your private cinema. 2. Office If you work from home or need a quiet space to study, consider setting up a home office in your basement. This way, you can focus on your work without distractions from family or roommates. Plus, you'll have easy access to your supplies and equipment. To get started, deck it out with a desk, a comfortable chair, and all the supplies you need to be productive. Set up your desk and chair in a quiet corner of the room. Then, add some shelving for books and files. For a finishing touch, decorate with inspiring art prints or photos of loved ones. For a touch of luxury, consider adding a fireplace or electric fireplace to your office. If your budget doesn't allow that, fake it 'til you make it with an electric fireplace insert. You can also add some visual interest with wallpaper or wall decals. And don't forget the power of good lighting! Task lighting is essential for any office space, so ensure you have plenty of desk lamps or pendant lights. 3. Home Gym Get fit in your home by setting up a gym in your basement. The lack of windows means you can create your gym without worrying about natural light or weather conditions. This is also a great way to stay motivated to work out and save money on gym membership fees. You can also use this space to practice yoga or meditation if you want a more low-key workout. So, if you're looking for a workout space that's more private than your local gym, consider setting up a home gym in your basement. Add cardiovascular equipment, free weights, and anything else you need to stay in shape. Just make sure to invest in good flooring to protect your equipment—and your joints!—from impact. 4. Playroom for the Kids (or Adults!) Basements are the perfect place for a playroom because they're out of the way and easy to keep tidy. Plus, there's no need to worry about noise levels if things get rowdy. If you have kids (or grandkids), this is a great way to keep them entertained. Stock the room with toys, games, puzzles, and other activities, then let your kids (or your inner child) loose! And if you're a gamer, set up your gaming consoles, TVs, and computers in one space so you can easily play your favorite games. You can also use this space to host game nights with friends. And to make your gaming space more comfortable, invest in some comfortable furniture and add some fun gaming-themed decorations. For example, you could hang posters of your favorite games or display game memorabilia on shelves. With a little effort, you can turn your basement into the ultimate gaming lair. 5. Man Cave (or She Shed!) A basement is a perfect place to create a space that's all your own—a man cave or she shed where you can escape from the rest of the world and relax in your oasis. Outfit the space with your favorite furniture, décor, and entertainment options, then kick back and enjoy! Man caves are traditionally seen as spaces for guys to watch sports and play video games, but they can be so much more than that. On the other hand, she sheds are often envisioned as tranquil getaways where women can read, craft, or just take a break from everyday life. But at the end of the day, both man caves and she sheds are all about creating a space that reflects your personal style and interests. So whether you want to fill your basement with pool tables and big-screen TVs or comfy couches and candles, make it your own and enjoy! 6. Wine Cellar (or cigar lounge) Is your collection of wine bottles starting to take over your kitchen? Or maybe you've wanted to start a cigar collection but don't have an appropriate place to store them? If you're a fan of wine or cigars, you know that proper storage is essential to preserving their quality. Unfortunately, most homes don't have the right environment for storing these items. Basements, on the other hand, are perfect for this purpose. You can create the perfect environment for storing wine and cigars by making a few simple adjustments- such as installing temperature-controlled storage and ensuring proper ventilation. And there's no need to worry about your basement being too cold or damp—just make sure to install a reliable dehumidifier, and you're good to go. So go ahead and uncork that bottle of wine or light up that cigar—your basement is ready! Cheers! 7. Guest Suite If you regularly host guests, you might consider transforming your basement into a guest suite. Creating a dedicated guest suite can ensure your visitors have a comfortable place to stay while they're in town. Plus, they'll appreciate having their own private space to relax during their visit. To get started, clear out some space in your basement and add a bed, dresser, television, and private bathroom. Then, stock the room with all the essentials—toiletries, towels, linens, etc.—so that your guests will feel right at home. This way, they'll have everything they need at their fingertips without cramping your style upstairs. Win-win! Final Thoughts Basements can be used for so many different purposes, and we’ve shown you just seven of the possibilities. Whether you want to create a new living space, a home office, or simply add some extra storage, there’s no reason your basement can’t become your favorite room in the house. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming basement ideas, and get ready to transform that dreary lower level into something amazing! And before starting any work on-site (or even just prep), make sure that all surface areas have been clean and dry too! Fortunately, Adam Basement has the perfect solution! Not only will our waterproofing services keep your basement dry, but they will also help to protect your home from water damage. Contact us today for a free eval! We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Basement Backup Sump Pump

    There are many reasons for installing sump pumps in the basement, and they all have to do with the condition of your basement’s water drainage system. Any basement water drainage system needs to be properly maintained. All sump pumps must be correctly installed, work properly, and leaks should be repaired immediately. Leaks can occur as a result of materials and activities in the basement wearing over time. In fact, most leaks can start right around window air conditioners or even along the floor which can be seen by the floor beginning to swell slightly. Mold can cause a lot of problems in your home, especially in the long run, because it weakens and breaks down your foundation and wood framing. It also decreases the value of your home because mold causes the walls and wood framing to decay, making it more susceptible to further damage from rain, snow, and ice. Basement waterproofing also helps prevent your basement floor from swelling and cracking as it does after being soaked in water. A basement backup sump pump is also a viable option. Why is sump pump maintenance important? As with any system that functions in such a critical manner, it's important that regular maintenance and inspections be performed on a regular basis. Having a professional inspect your sump pump periodically will allow you to identify potential leaks, cracks, and other problems before they become a bigger issue that you don't want to deal with. What are some pros and cons of basement waterproofing? A key benefit of waterproofing your basement is that it's less expensive than many other basement improvement options. It can also protect things that you may store in the basement such as old photographs, board games, and other collectibles. A downside of basement waterproofing is that it's not as effective in some areas or climates. Basements in places where the temperature stays relatively constant between seasons can experience less than ideal results. Finally, basement waterproofing requires more work than some other alternatives, which can be an issue if you don't have the right manpower available in the first place. Why is sump pump maintenance important? A key benefit of a basement backup sump pump is that it protects your basement floor from any water damage caused by overflowing drains. While this is an obvious benefit, many homeowners neglect to consider the importance of keeping the sump pump working properly. Common problems include blockages caused by debris or tree roots, as well as issues caused by the pressure of the water causing it to leak. By properly maintaining the sump pump, you can avoid these issues and save money on basement waterproofing over the long run. Is there a difference between basement waterproofing and sump pump maintenance? While both processes will prevent water damage to the foundation, they are very different from one another. Basement waterproofing will usually just be used as a preventative measure to make sure your basement is safe for habitation. Sump pump repair, on the other hand, is usually necessary only after serious damage has been done. If your basement floods once in a while because of a broken sump pump, it's probably time to replace it. Final Take A sump pump is a great investment for your basement. Installed as part of the drainage system, it helps to keep water away from surfaces that may be susceptible to damage from wet conditions, like floors, walls, and foundations. Call 302-565-2929 for more information.

  • Advantages Of Choosing Basement Waterproofing Service

    Water is essential for survival, but it can also be your home's worst enemy. Moisture seeps in and ruins your property from the foundation up by the slow growth of mold and mildew to the abrupt appearance of a swamp in your basement. Although you may not always be able to foresee a leak or flood, expert basement waterproofing in York, PA, will help you to avoid foundation crack repair and other structural issues. Your interior air quality will also improve with basement waterproofing. There are numerous benefits of basement waterproofing York PA, and we'd like to go through them here. Build a Solid Foundation for a Strong Home. Your basement is more than simply a storage area underneath your home. It also serves as the basis for the entire construction. Your basement or crawl space may be more prone to moisture buildup depending on the depth of your basement. Even if your basement never fully floods, mold may grow on the walls, floors, and ceiling support beams which are responsible for supporting the rest of your home. Wood, stone, and cement building materials might begin to collapse over time if your basement is unfinished or if you haven't completed basement waterproofing. Increase The Size of Your House and Its Worth Most people think of their basement as a musty, outdated storage area for their things and a place to do laundry. Without a doubt, this is the wrong viewpoint. The basement occupies a whole floor in terms of square footage. That's almost a third to half of most people's whole living space! This is a lot of wasted space, and you don't want it to be filled with seepage, germs, and mold. If you want to sell the house then adding a dry, functional room to your house will definitely enhance its value, giving you a leg up on the competitors. Stay Away from Significant Long-Term Health Hazards We all know that water and humidity can cause deadly mold to develop, but you might be surprised at how fast and easy it can happen. In the appropriate conditions, toxic black mold may grow in as little as 24-48 hours! That's frightening to consider, especially if you've been ignoring small basement seepage for years. Mold growth poses serious health concerns if left untreated. Maintain The Security of Your Funds Think back to the day you bought your home. Do you remember how happy you were? Do you remember how diligently you decorated, cleaned, renovated, and furnished your home? Your house is a valuable asset and a source of pride for you. By taking efforts to protect the long-term health of the foundation, you are showing your investment love. You are increasing the aiding in the potential value of your savings being increased. Isn't that sufficient justification? For Your Basement Waterproofing Needs, Hire A Professional Today! Now that you've seen all the advantages of hiring a specialist for basement waterproofing York PA, take advantage of it and hire one right now. Don't procrastinate any longer. Information on what to do if your basement floods and advice on how to dry it out in an emergeny can be found here.

  • What Makes Basement Waterproofing York PA Important?

    Not many people are aware of the number of ways in which water can get into the basement of a home or office. Water may be visible in different areas such as walls, floors, and improperly-sealed mortar joints. Although basement waterproofing York, PA may not prevent 100% of water from entering inside your home or business, it will certainly be effective in damage control. Elimination of Mildew and Fungi Depending on how effective the waterproofing method is, the growth of fungi and mildew can be eliminated gradually or prevented altogether. Basement waterproofing York, PA also prevents any related illnesses from taking place. The job of eliminating mosses, fungi, and other destructive growths must be carried out by professionals only. Although it can be performed by individuals, there are a number of negatives to this: a) Latest equipment not available b) Safety accessories and clothing not available c) Not enough knowledge, resulting in the situation worsening Selection of Reputed Contractors To make sure that basement waterproofing York, PA is done in an efficient manner, one must remember to choose well-known contractors in the area. They must have substantial experience in waterproofing basements as per customer requirements in the same area. Depending on the frequency of rainfall, basement waterproofing may be done just once or, in some cases, a few times a year. Checking Contractor Reviews It would be a good idea to check customer reviews of the specific waterproofing contractor you’re considering for the job before taking up services. With the Internet in today’s times, it has become relatively easy to verify the credentials and credibility of a company. Through restoration pictures taken before and after a project, it becomes easier to understand the capability of a company’s professionals. Going to a live site or social media pages would give the best possible idea. Waterproofing is essential in the following cases: A) Renting or Buying a House - Before renting or purchasing a home, it would be best to have the basement evaluated by a waterproofing professional. B) Safety for Employees and Family Members - Homes are constantly inhabited while offices are inhabited for certain periods throughout the day. Offices have a large number of files kept in lower level storage areas and homes have furniture, stored items, and valuables, making it necessary for basement waterproofing to be done. This helps to protect from unexpected surprises! C) Giving Away a Space - Sellers need to make commercial spaces and homes more appealing prior to putting them up for lease or sale. An activity that makes a lot of difference in the final value of the property is waterproofing. Not just for hygiene and health safety, but also to increase the overall aesthetic value of a home through basement waterproofing. Areas with Frequent Rains While some areas may encounter frequent rains, there are others in which water may get accumulated in large volumes, even during light rains. In either case, there are increased chances of water entering the home or business, and alterations to construction in the form of egress windows and doors may also be necessary. Waterproofing professionals also make use of different chemicals for suitable basement waterproofing. For a wet area, the professionals must be able to waterproof the areas below the tiles.

  • Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing A Basement Egress Window

    Do you know what type of windows to consider when remodeling your basement? We all know that windows are an essential part of the house and are required for ventilation, views, and natural light. Great windows can even add value to your home. However, when you’re talking about windows to a finished basement, safety becomes paramount. In fact, they have a special name…egress windows. They are actually required by law in most areas (check your local ordinances and laws). Egress windows serve as an escape or “means of egress” for use in emergencies such as smoke, fire, flood, etc. Homeowners and contractors need to follow strict building codes to have them installed as they need to be large enough to allow entry and escape in emergencies. Notice “entry” as well as exit. What happens if first responders or other emergency personnel need to get into your basement? Plus, a correctly installed basement egress window allows light to enter and for proper ventilation of the below-grade square footage. Homeowners who are planning to remodel their homes or want to buy a house should pay careful attention to the basement egress What Exactly Impacts the Cost of An Egress Window? 1. Type of window - There are a variety of windows that are available today, like hinged casement windows and slider windows. They look different and come in different sizes. Each type of window has a different price according to the way they open. Homeowners should talk to the contractor about the features of each type of window and why they cost more than the other. Another consideration is the possibility of savings that comes with an energy-saving features. These might cost more initially but offer monetary savings bills down the line. 2. Services - Installation of the Egress window in a do-it-yourself way could be time-consuming but saves money. But it’s a big job that can often involve breaking the foundation of the home. If done incorrectly that is big $ damage! Consider hiring a contractor who does this for a living. It may cost more initially, but fixing a broken foundation or improperly installed egress will be significantly more expensive later. 3. Location - The cost of installing egress windows varies from location to location. So, consult a local contractor who can advise on the cost of installation in a particular area. 4. Installation - Egress window installation in the basement has to be done carefully. It requires grading, excavation and properly checking the drainage system to create a safe below ground-level space to have windows work efficiently and facilitate entry and exit. The cost varies when it comes to hiring engineers and labor. These are some of the factors affecting basement egress window installation cost that one should keep in mind.

  • 4 Benefits of Basement Egress Window

    Many homes do not have proper access to the basement and actually create a danger in the event of a fire or other emergency. This is especially true in older homes where poor ventilation and lack of access are the primary issues. An egress window is defined simply as access to a basement, but most local codes require that an adult can easily fit through. If you are looking to install basement egress, look for a basement egress window contractor with experience and expertise in the field. An egress window is a point of entry or exit from your basement and is a life saver in case of a fire emergency. If a fire breaks out and all your interior basement exit points are blocked, an egress window becomes your only escape. Many local laws states that an egress window needs to be of a particular size so as to accommodate a full-grown adult as well. These are the top 4 benefits of installing an egress window in your home: 1.More Light! When you hire a basement egress window contractor, you are hiring someone to shine the light in on your basement. A well-lit home is all about good vibes and avoiding a dark and dingy room. Since the basement is below ground level they typically don’t receive much natural sunlight and instead use artificial lighting. An egress window ensures that your basement is naturally lit up no matter how big or small. 2.More Safety! Imagine that you are either working or playing with your kids in the basement, and the house catches fire or there is flooding. What happens if the inside stairwell is blocked by fire or water and electrical wires? That’s why an egress window in your basement is a required means to escape to safety. Additionally, an egress window makes it easier for the rescue crew to enter into your basement and help you in any type of emergency. 3.More Value! State regulations have made it mandatory for basements to have an egress window. If you have converted your basement into a bedroom or workspace, you may not even be able to realize full value of your home without basement egress. If your house doesn’t abide by your local and state rules, the value of your home will go down when you want to sell your house. An egress window can also increase your livable square footage, potentially adding even more value. 4.More Comfort! An egress window aids in proper ventilation, keeping clean air circulating assisting in the prevention of mold and mildew. Most underground areas become moist and start developing these molds and mildew if not cleaned and dried regularly. But an egress window helps to keep the basement comfortable and dry and maintains a consistent temperature as well

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    You probably can't say you see this done at very many jobs. We care about our customers. This just shows you how we, at Adam Basement, care about our customers possessions. We take pride in knowing we will not damage the things they work so hard to be able to attain.

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