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Importance of Air Control in Basement
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When it comes to keeping your basement dry, there are few things more important than air quality control. But let’s face it: no one wants to breathe in mold-infested air or deal with unpleasant odors. Fortunately, Adam Basement Services has you covered!


As your trusted experts when it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, we offer great solutions to help keep the air quality in your basement or crawlspace under control – the EZ Breathe system and an Aprilaire Dehumidifier.


Let’s take a look these systems can do for you! 

What is Air Quality Control? 

Air quality control (AQC) is the process of maintaining healthy indoor air through proper ventilation and filtration systems. The goal is to minimize airborne contaminants and pollutants in the atmosphere and reduce hazards such as mold and bacteria that can seriously affect people over time.


At Adam Basement, we offer AQC services to ensure your home or business has clean air that won’t trigger allergies or other respiratory issues!

Why is it Important?

Why You Should Install Air Quality Control in the Basement

The importance of good AQC cannot be overstated—the quality of the air we breathe affects our physical health and our mental well-being. Poorly maintained indoor air can cause headaches, fatigue, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and even long-term illnesses like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Pollutants like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, chemicals from household cleaners and fragrances—even viruses—can contribute to poor indoor air quality if not adequately managed.


That is why we offer AQC services, including professional installation of ventilation systems that filter out contaminants before they enter your living space!

What We Offer

High-quality air control solutions are essential for creating an enjoyable living space. With our services, you can protect your home’s air quality and safeguard it from the potential damages caused by excess humidity and stagnant air.


Our EZ Breathe system and Aprilaire Dehumidifier are two of the best options available in the market today. Let’s dive into the details of these two services below!

EZ Breathe System

EZ Breathe System for Basement

Our EZ Breathe System is designed to lower humidity levels and reduce moldy and musty odors. This ventilation appliance is installed in the crawl space. It is engineered to expel moisture-laden air that stagnated due to poor air circulation and provides ventilation for any other areas that need it.


How does it work? It cycles out damp and humid air from your basement or crawlspace, replacing it with fresh outdoor air. This ensures that the environment in these areas is constantly renewed for a cleaner and healthier home!

Aprilaire Dehumidifier

Air Dehumidifier for Your Basement

The Aprilaire dehumidifier is also a great option if you find yourself dealing with excess humidity and unpleasant odors in your basement or crawlspace. It eliminates damp, musty air so that you can enjoy a healthy living environment throughout your home.


By installing this device, you will be able to protect your furniture, paneling, and precious stored items from damage caused by excess humidity.  Plus, this will guarantee that the air inside your home stays fresh and clean year-round!

Why Choose Adam Basement?

When you hire us for all your air quality control needs, you’ll enjoy the benefits of fresher, cleaner indoor air. This means fewer allergens are floating around in your home or office, leading to better respiratory health for everyone in your space!


Here at Adam Basement, we offer the latest technology in air filtration systems and other products that can keep your home clean and healthy. Our team is made up of experienced professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service and understanding that each home is different, so we tailor our services to meet each customer's specific needs. 


With our help, you can ensure that your family will be safe from poor indoor air quality dangers!

Protect Your Home with  our Air Quality Control Solutions

No homeowner should ever have to compromise on their quality of life because of poor indoor air quality. With our EZ Breathe system or Aprilaire Dehumidifier solution, you can now protect your home from excess humidity and musty odors while ensuring a healthy living space for yourself and your family!


Give us a call today for a free evaluation and inspection- because, here at Adam Basement, we believe everyone deserves cleaner and safer living conditions!

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