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Adam Basement Services have wide ranging benefits including increased property value, a healthier home environment for your family, a warmer basement during winter, an increased living space, a more attractive and more comfortable home, up to 2 times as much useable space with a properly waterproofed basement, and of course a structurally sound foundation.

Failure to properly waterproof and construct your basement can lead to a perfect environment for termite activity, trapped musty air that travels to upper living areas, excessive mold and mildew, potentially toxic mildew in drywall, allergic discomfort, added humidity throughout the entire house, and higher home heating costs as it takes more energy to heat damp air.

Our Services include Waterproofing, Crawlspace Repair, Foundation Repair - Cracks & Stablwall System, Crawlspace Insulation, Sump Pumps, Egress Windows, and Air Quality Control Systems


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Basement waterproofing is a treatment which prevents water from entering into a basement area. Water may make its way into a basement through a variety of means including improperly sealed mortar joints, walls or floors. In order to limit the amount of water entering a basement area or a crawl space, every home owner should think, rather sooner than later, about protecting his or her house from overflow of water by basement waterproofing in Philadelphia and Delaware. Improperly waterproofed basements can cause growth of mold and illnesses in you and your family. To protect your health and your most valuable investment, your home, Adam Basement, Inc. offers industry-leading methods of internal and external waterproofing for basements and crawl spaces.



MOLD, also known as mildew, is especially fond of dark crawl spaces and wet basements.  Mold produces particles called spores, which are harmful to people and animals.  Spores release chemicals that cause allergic reactions and a wide range of respiratory issues, such as bronchitis and chronic pulmonary diseases.  The best way to prevent mold-related illnesses is to stop mold at its source, which means stopping moisture.  Keeping the house dry, especially in areas like crawl spaces or basements, is crucial.  Mold is often recognized by its unpleasant, musty odor along with the discoloration, which makes it easy to determine if mold problem exists.  Providing a healthy living environment is the number one priority of Adam Basement, Inc.  We believe that a dry basement is the first line of defense against mold infestation and structural damage.



Egress windows are designed to allow people to escape a basement in the event of a fire. Most often, egress windows are installed during a basement renovation in order to comply with local building codes. Many towns have specific measurements that must be met, so it will be necessary to contact your local building-codes office in order to find out exactly what size window you must install in your basement. ​ Egress windows come in as many varieties as typical windows, with as many different levels of quality and insulation, depending on the manufacturer. But all egress windows are designed to provide a safe escape route in the event of emergency. Most often, they provide about 6 square feet of roughly rectangular window surface.



We use a carbon fiber system made specifically to repair bowed foundation walls.  The repair is actually made by connecting the foundation with the house framing.  This makes our system the strongest the market.  An appropriate solution cracks both large and small, stair step cracks, issues in concrete block walls, leaking cracks, and hairline cracks. The finished product is a smooth, flat, practically imperceptible and easily painted or covered with wall panels. Best of all, our solution offers a limited lifetime, transferable warranty.



Do you know what is living under your floors in the crawl space? You might be surprised to learn that floors and ducts are dripping with moisture, mold is growing on the wood, and animals are all lurking below. If you could eliminate the moisture down there, the problem would go away. VaporBright is a multi-ply nylon weave and polymer laminate. The opaque White on White eliminates unwanted translucent blotches normally seen in White on Blue barriers. A dirt crawl space is typically saturated with moisture.  Since warm air rises, the moisture in the crawl space will rise in the home or building.  Installing a vapor barrier provides the crawl space with a moisture protection layer to protect the structure from the negative effects of moisture such as mold, floor failure, increased electricity costs, odors, insects, and dust mites. Moisture effects can also cause or worsen conditions such as asthma, hay fever, and/or other allergies. You are most likely spending money on utilities you could be saving if your crawl space was sealed.  Many homeowners realize the savings when their heating bill arrives, their floors are warmer, and their homes lack that musty smell when the spring rains come.

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