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  • How much does it cost to waterproof my basement?
    Repair costs vary depending on the type of work required. The problem could be a simple crack or something more extensive, such as leaks through floors or wall/floor joints (cove). Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate
  • How long will it take to repair my basement?
    Waterproofing a crack in your foundation wall takes hours - not days! Drain tile installations will take from as little as 1 day to several days depending on the scope of the project.
  • Do leakage problems ever recur after the repair is completed?
    Only a very small percentage of our work ever requires service. If however; you were to have a problem, contact our office immediately. We will quickly determine the cause and take the necessary steps to remedy it. One of the most important reasons for our 20 years longevity and reputation is our willingness to stand behind our work.
  • Should ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS fix my leakage problem before I sell my house?
    Definitely. Failure to let the buyer know of any water problems can result in a legal dispute. Disclosing the seepage problem to a prospective buyer is an alternative, however, this usually results in a substantially lower offer because the buyer generally exaggerates the cost of the repair.​
    Yes. If leakage is through a crack in your basement wall then it can be quickly and permanently repaired. It does however depend on your particular problem. Because ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS is an experienced full service waterproofing contractor, the repair method we recommend and the scope of the project will be based on the specific conditions in your basement.​
  • Does ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS waterproof crawl spaces?
    Yes, as long as we have at least three feet of headroom. Many of the same techniques utilized in full depth basements can be performed in crawl spaces.​
  • Can ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS fix my basement even though it is finished?
    Yes. Foundation crack repairs can often be done from the outside. If necessary, we can even remove and replace outside concrete. If we need to work from the inside, we will minimize disruption to interiors. However, it may be necessary to remove a section of the paneling/drywall, pull back carpeting or remove a portion of baseboard.​
  • Can I solve my leakage problem myself?
    There are several things you can do to help minimize the problem including extending your downspouts and cleaning your gutters on a regular basis. Most paints and patching materials available at your local hardware are ineffective. If water leakage continues, we recommend you contact a professional waterproofing contractor such as ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS to permanently repair the leakage.​
  • How do I know that ADAM BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEM will solve my problem permanently?
    We take great pride in our company and the work that we do. The fact that most of our work comes from referrals says it all!





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