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What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are an essential safety feature, providing a quick and easy way to escape from your home in case of emergencies, such as fires or natural disasters, that can harm you and members from inside the house.


They come with many different levels of quality depending on who makes them, but all have one thing: allowing you to get outside safely when necessary. The most common type of egress window is a 6-square-foot, roughly rectangular surface. The manufacturer will tell you how much it costs and if there's anything that particular kind can be used for escape routes in your basement.


Here at Adam Basement, we don't sell standard, hopper, or awning windows. The window well cover you may see in some images is sold as part of our Egress Window Installation package - but these aren't separately installed.

Basement Waterproofing Service by Adam Basement

The Function of an Egress Window

A basement egress window is a crucial part of every home. It is designed to provide a safe escape route. These windows allow you to exit your house in an emergency. They're often designed with safety features so that it takes less time for people to enter again after escaping something like a fire or natural disaster.


They provide about 6 square feet, but it's important to check with the manufacturer before knowing how much they cost or if specific windows can be used as ingress/egresses in your house.


The variety available from many manufacturers depends on quality and insulation levels, which can vary greatly depending on what you need it for.

The Importance of Basement Egress Window Installation

Many homeowners don't give much thought to their basements - they're usually just used for storage, and as long as the space is dry and free of pests, that's good enough. But what if a fire or another emergency made it challenging to get out of your home? That's where egress basement windows come in.


This gives an extra access point for rescue personnel to enter the home's deepest levels to assist you as quickly as needed. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone will be able to get down to give rescue without having any problems.


Aside from safety, natural light and fresh air will enter your basement, improving ventilation. Allowing natural sunlight to shine through a window is one of the best investments you can make for any room in your house!

Basement Egress Window Installation

Our Egress installation process takes about one day or two days. The process includes digging a hole and breaking apart the foundation to install your new window. It all depends on how much work you want us to do and where it needs to be done in the house.


Adam Basement always follows code when installing an egress. The latest edition of the International Code Chapter R310 requires that we adhere to all requirements imposed during construction, which ensures your inspection will pass with flying colors!

Why Choose Us?

If you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, adding basement Egress windows is an excellent way. Not only do they provide a measure against fire and other natural disasters, but they also offer beauty in form (and function).


When you need a contractor for your home's Egress window, Adam Basement should be the first name on your list. We have a stellar track record, and our customer satisfaction rates say it all!


We offer the highest quality basement egress window services available. Our expert team understands your needs better than anyone else - both in terms of budgeting them out appropriately as well as making sure each project meets high standards so you can enjoy living at home again without worry or stress about damage from water seeping into cracks around windows/doors which might lead elsewhere if left unchecked over time.


We are licensed, insured, and code-compliant basement egress window contractors. We utilize high-quality windows for installation that will not only last years but also require little maintenance or repair over their lifetime – perfect!


To learn more about installation costs, contact us without any obligation - we'll give an official quote that will meet whatever criteria YOU need!!


Special Note:

You may not know this, but you're legally required to have a basement Egress window in your home as soon as you add on the bottom floor and start using it for living space from day one (or before that). So, if you plan on using part or all of it as living space, make sure it has one!


When you call on us for help with an Egress installation, we require a mortgage survey or plot plan from our clients to ensure they have received all necessary permits before construction begins.


A mortgage survey or plot plan is a drawing usually found with your mortgage paperwork. This drawing shows property lines and a schematic of the home and surrounding areas within your property line. If you do not have one in your possession, we can help obtain that for you.

We Install egress windows and doors in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
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