What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are designed to allow people to escape a basement in the event of a fire. Most often, egress windows are installed during a basement renovation in order to comply with local building codes. Many towns have specific measurements that must be met, so it will be necessary to contact your local building-codes office in order to find out exactly what size window you must install in your basement.


Egress windows come in as many varieties as typical windows, with as many different levels of quality and insulation, depending on the manufacturer. But all egress windows are designed to provide a safe escape route in the event of emergency. Most often, they provide about 6 square feet of roughly rectangular window surface. Check with the manufacturer to see if there is any question of whether a particular window is suitable to be used as an egress window.

Install Process

Our Egress installation process takes approximately 1-2 days. We install Bilco stakWEL egress window wells. Adam Basement always makes sure to follow code when installing the Egress. The most recent code is the 2018 International Code Chapter R310. Following code means adhering to the requirements imposed, when building out the Egress, which also ensures the inspection will pass within your county or city.  Adam Basement has never failed an inspection. The process includes digging a hole and breaking apart the foundation to install the window.   

Did you know that you are legally required to have basement egress if you plan to use the basement as living space?


While local laws vary, here is an internationally recognized residential code that many local statutes are based on

Special note:

Once you make the decision for us to install your Egress, we will need to obtain a mortgage survey from you; also known as a plot plan.  A mortgage survey is a drawing usually found with your mortgage paperwork.  This drawing shows property lines and a schematic of the home and surrounding areas within your property line. If you do not have one in your possession, we can help obtain that for you.


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