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Egress Windows vs. Basement Windows: What's the Difference?

Comparing Egress Windows and Basement Windows
Adam Basement

If you're looking to upgrade your basement, chances are you've stumbled across the terms "egress window" and "basement window."

But what is the difference and why should you care?

As experts in the field, we at Adam Basement are here to clarify the differences between these two window types and help you understand why knowing the distinction matters for your home improvement project.

Egress Windows: The Lowdown

First things first, let's tackle the question: "What is an egress window?"

Simply put that they are designed for safety. They're larger than your average basement window and are meant to provide a quick and easy escape route in case of emergencies like fires or floods.

Plus, they allow natural light, making your basement feel less like a dungeon and more like a cozy living space.

Basement Windows: The Skinny

Now, onto basement windows. These bad boys are typically smaller and serve the primary purpose of providing ventilation and light.

While they might not be as flashy as their egress counterparts, they still play a crucial role in keeping your basement fresh and well-lit.

Egress Window vs Regular Window: The Showdown

Basement Egress Windows vs. Regular Windows
Adam Basement

Alright, now that we've got the basics down, let's have the face-off between these two windows.

Size: Egress windows for basements are much larger than regular windows because of their minimum size requirements to be big enough for a person to climb when an emergency happens.

Safety: Basement Egress window installation is a must-have to meet building codes for finished basements as they provide an essential escape route and can even save lives in the event of an emergency.

Light: Thanks to their size, these exit windows let in way more of that natural light and as a large size than their traditional basement window counterparts, brightening up your space and making it feel more inviting.

Value: It's no doubt that installing egress windows can increase the value of your home as you may turn your basement into a legit living space attracting more potential buyers in the future. Who doesn't love the idea of a safe and bright basement, right?

Upgrade Your Basement with Adam Basement

Looking to transform your basement? It's time to consider installing an egress window.

And guess what? The pros at Adam Basement are here to help!

So don't wait—give us a call or visit our website to get started. Get your free aval today.

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