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Foundation Repair 101: Common Causes and Solutions

Expert Basement Repair Contractors in Philadelphia

As your go-to foundation repair contractors in Philadelphia, we know a thing or two about keeping your basement in tip-top shape. That's why today, we're here to guide you through repair, common causes as well as solutions that will save your basement!

Understanding the Common Causes

Philadelphia's Trusted Foundation Repair Team

When it comes to foundation issues, knowledge is (ALWAYS) power. Knowing the causes can help you stay one step ahead and tackle these problems head-on.

Here are some culprits to keep an eye out for:

Water Damage

Ah, water, the silent destroyer!

Whether it's a downpour of heavy rain or just a leaky pipe, excess water can wreak absolute havoc! When it seeps into the soil surrounding your house structure, it plays a game of expand and contract, like a yo-yo.

And let me tell you, this constant movement can lead to some of those nasty cracks and overall instability. It's like the equivalent of having a roller coaster ride–under your home!

Poor Soil Compaction

Think of soil as the foundation's best friend.

You see, during construction, if it is poorly compacted, it's like laying that weak ground for your house–like building your dream home on a bed of marshmallows!

Over time, this poorly compacted soil can cause settlement issues, where parts of your foundation start to sink or shift unevenly. And trust me, you don't want it doing the cha-cha without your permission!

Tree Roots

We love trees, oh yes we do, but their roots can be a major headache for your foundation!

As they stretch and reach for nutrients, they might just decide to cozy up to your walls. And guess what? They bring their hefty weight and pressure along for the ride (like having that nosy neighbor who won't quit poking around in your business!).

And when they start meddling, cracks and some structural problems are bound to follow. It's a battle between nature and your home, and you need some serious backup to win!

The Solutions You Need

Philadelphia's Expert Foundation Repair Contractors

As your basement foundation specialists, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves that have been tried and tested. Here are some of our tried-and-true solid methods:

Foundation Underpinning

If your groundwork is experiencing settlement issues, this solution can be a game-changer as it involves strengthening your foundation by extending its support system deeper into the ground. Our team will give your house a solid pair of steel boots, ensuring it stands tall and strong!

Basement Wall Stabilization

Cracks in your basement walls? No worries, we've got you covered! Our specialty lies in basement wall stabilization techniques such as carbon fiber reinforcement or helical tiebacks. These methods provide extra support and prevent further movement. It's like adding some muscle to those weakened walls of yours, making them rock-solid!

Waterproofing Solutions

Remember our nemesis, water? Well, we've got some tricks up our sleeves to keep it at bay. We're talking about installing exterior waterproofing membranes that act as a protective shield against water intrusion. And let's not forget about implementing drainage systems to ensure any water that does make its way to your basement easily gets flushed out. Sure, it might try to knock on the door, but we won't let it in!

Road To Solid-Strong Foundation Starts Here

Don't wait until those small cracks turn into major headaches! Let us assess the situation and provide you with tailored solutions for the long-term stability of your home.

Free Evaluation, Free Inspection

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