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Four Crucial Reasons to Waterproof your Basement

Updated: May 1, 2023

The basement isn’t just a place for storing odds and ends, but it’s also the foundation of your entire house. If the foundational supports of your basement are permeated by water for any reason, your home will be prone to additional severe damage in the future. Some of the most common reasons for basement damage are water seepage and basement leaks.

Sometimes water seeps into your foundation, causing damage not only to the basement, but also to furniture, flooring, and anything stored there. The ideal way to prevent these types of losses is to waterproof the basement area before problems start. Failing to take steps to prevent basement leaks or water seepage can do more than just harm the foundation of your home; it can also make that area a breeding ground for mold. After mildew and decay set in, repairs to your basement will be even more costly than simply taking the precaution of waterproofing your basement in the first place. Homeowners should consider basement waterproofing to save time, money, and the loss of property. Let’s take a look at a few other crucial reasons why one needs to consider basement waterproofing:

1. Saves Money in Long Run 

If water continues to seep into your basement, it will eventually damage the foundation of the entire house. It takes a sizable investment to fix the foundation once it’s damaged. However, with PA basement waterproofing services, homeowners can save money on future repairs. Most property owners refrain from waterproofing their basements due to the initial cost involved. It can be pretty overwhelming but in reality, waterproofing your basement is cheaper than the cost of foundation repairs. 

2. Increase In Resale Value

Retaining the value of your home is undoubtedly important. However, problems like basement leaks and water seepage can seriously damage the value of your dwelling, reducing its resale value in the long run. If the leak gets too large, it will damage any furniture or belongings that are stored in the basement as well. In fact, your house can lose 30 percent of its actual value due to basement leaks or water seepage issues. So waterproofing the basement of your home is the only ideal solution here. It will save you from the additional stress of cleaning up damage from preventable water problems. 

3. Saves on Electricity Bills 

If your house continues to face water seepage due to basement leakage, it’ll be harder for your furnace to maintain a warm temperature throughout your home during winter. As a result, residents will notice a hike in their electricity and heating bills over time. This added cost is a sign that your basement requires waterproofing. A waterproofed basement will put less pressure on the furnace, prolonging its life and keeping your electricity bills lower. 

4. Prevents Foundation Cracks

Sometimes homeowners notice foundation cracks as a result of uneven settling. If the foundation is laid unevenly, it will start cracking quickly, leaving your home vulnerable to water problems. However, homeowners can prevent these issues by waterproofing their basements. Not only does it save your lower level from water seepage, but it also ensures that any additional settling remains even. Waterproofing will prevent foundation cracks and save excessive costs in the long run. These are the primary reasons why homeowners must consider waterproofing your basements sooner rather than later.

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