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Is Your House Safe Without A Basement Egress Window?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Not many people have egress windows installed at their homes, but it’s something that could be a life saver…and it may even be a legal requirement!

Basement egress windows are escape points in the event of an emergency in your home. It is a must-have addition to modern homes that can benefit homeowners, home values, and more importantly the safety of your family. However, it’s not advisable to rush out and have the lowest cost option install your window. Egress must meet strict local building codes and again, protect your family.

Advantages of Egress Windows

Egress windows are an emergency escape window that are used in the event of fire, earthquake (yes, they happen!), and other emergencies. These windows not only provide an escape route but also give entry from outside to first responders and rescuers.

Whether you are building a new home or just remodeling your current house, please properly plan and consider basement egress window installation for the safety of your family. Egress windows also add curb appeal to the house that will attract future buyers and make the house look aesthetically appealing too.

Plus, egress windows have the added benefit of allowing more light into what can be a dark and dingy area, your basement! Proper ventilation and lightning can even help homeowners save on energy bills.

In addition to this, adding egress windows provide a comfortable feeling to homeowners within their living space. Egress windows help in maintaining the right temperature in the room and can prevent mold and fungus from growing inside the house.

Ok, How Do I Hire A Contractor? 

It is crucial for homeowners to carefully select a basement contractor. Always ask about the experience of the contractor and how long they have been in the business. Also, check the insurance of the company and ask for references. A business must have insurance in order to protect you from liability in the event of an accident. So, check all these points and hire a reputable and reliable egress company to add value and safety to your house.

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