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Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing A Basement Egress Window

Do you know what type of windows to consider when remodeling your basement? We all know that windows are an essential part of the house and are required for ventilation, views, and natural light. Great windows can even add value to your home. However, when you’re talking about windows to a finished basement, safety becomes paramount. In fact, they have a special name…egress windows. They are actually required by law in most areas (check your local ordinances and laws).

Egress windows serve as an escape or “means of egress” for use in emergencies such as smoke, fire, flood, etc. Homeowners and contractors need to follow strict building codes to have them installed as they need to be large enough to allow entry and escape in emergencies. Notice “entry” as well as exit. What happens if first responders or other emergency personnel need to get into your basement?

Plus, a correctly installed basement egress window allows light to enter and for proper ventilation of the below-grade square footage.

Homeowners who are planning to remodel their homes or want to buy a house should pay careful attention to the basement egress

What Exactly Impacts the Cost of An Egress Window?

1. Type of window - There are a variety of windows that are available today, like hinged casement windows and slider windows. They look different and come in different sizes. Each type of window has a different price according to the way they open. Homeowners should talk to the contractor about the features of each type of window and why they cost more than the other. Another consideration is the possibility of savings that comes with an energy-saving features. These might cost more initially but offer monetary savings bills down the line.

2. Services - Installation of the Egress window in a do-it-yourself way could be time-consuming but saves money. But it’s a big job that can often involve breaking the foundation of the home. If done incorrectly that is big $ damage! Consider hiring a contractor who does this for a living. It may cost more initially, but fixing a broken foundation or improperly installed egress will be significantly more expensive later.

3. Location - The cost of installing egress windows varies from location to location. So, consult a local contractor who can advise on the cost of installation in a particular area.

4. Installation - Egress window installation in the basement has to be done carefully. It requires grading, excavation and properly checking the drainage system to create a safe below ground-level space to have windows work efficiently and facilitate entry and exit. The cost varies when it comes to hiring engineers and labor. 

These are some of the factors affecting basement egress window installation cost that one should keep in mind.

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