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Things You Should Know About Basement Egress Windows

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Imagine being trapped in your basement because you can't get up the stairs or out of the main door due to a fire or some other unforeseeable circumstance. What will you do if you can't get out? Egress windows are useful in these situations.

They are essential components for home safety because they can serve as an emergency exit in dire situations. Egress windows also offer a slew of other advantages that will improve your home's comfort and value such as increased natural light.

If you are trying to find out about egress windows and information regarding basement egress window installation costs and benefits, they are mentioned below.

What is an Egress Window?

The word "egress" implies "to exit" or "to go." During an emergency, egress windows can be used to find a way out. To be legal, they must be large enough to allow a large adult male to pass through. When a newly constructed basement is being finished, the contractors are usually required to be added as well according to building code regulations, and they are accompanied by a ladder with steps to offer a secure and safe exit. Egress windows are also a mandatory component of any room allocated for sleeping when building a new home. If you live in an older home, you probably don't have one in your basement or bedroom. If not, installing one would be a wise decision to ensure that everyone who lives in your home has a way out if an unfortunate event arises without any warnings.

Benefits of Basement Egress Windows

While safety is a major consideration when installing egress windows, it isn't the only advantage they provide. Egress windows are a popular choice among home buyers. With all of the advantages they provide, it is easy to see why. You can expect the following benefits if you choose to install these windows: Natural Light - The egress window is large enough to bring a significant amount of natural light to a basement that is otherwise dismal and dark. This benefit is particularly enticing if you have a bedroom in your basement or plan to have one in the future.

Raise the Value of Your Property- Egress windows can raise the value of your property by providing square footage. According to the International Code Council, all finished basements containing usable sections, such as bedrooms, are required to have an egress window. From the exterior, an egress window can add to the beauty of your property. Depending on your budget, you may select materials that match the design of your house.

The above-mentioned points should help you better understand what an egress window is and how it can benefit from having one installed in your property. If you decide to install an egress window, contact us for the best egress window contractor at the most competitive pricing.

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