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Three Factors That Determine the Cost of A Basement Egress Window

Updated: May 17, 2023

In modern homes, the installation of a basement egress window has become pretty common. It provides complete safety for people living inside the building and the residence as well. Generally, an egress window is a way to the basement of the house from the outside. In case of fire or any other emergencies, people can open the door and exit the situation. So, it’s the perfect escape way when every other point is blocked. The size of these windows must be substantial enough so that even an adult can pass through them. There are several benefits one can receive by installing an egress window. The best part is that it increases the property’s value. In case, you’re reselling the house after a certain time, there would be competitive advantages. Besides, the window permits the sunlight to enter the basement, keeping the place brighter and safer. One can easily make several uses of their basement by keeping the place safer and brighter. However, the basement egress window cost can vary depending upon several factors. Let’s take a look at the following,

1.Window Glass Quality 

The basement egress window cost can vary depending upon the window glass quality. If the window is double-paned, it can cost up to $500 per window. Most people choose a double-paned window because these are most popular due to the moderate pricing and effectiveness. Also, one can effectively block the drafts and other noises by using the double-paned window. The single-paned window isn’t as effective as the double-paned one. If there are any extra features like low e-coating, then the price may increase up to 10% or more to the total. So, the basement window cost will depend upon the glass quality. 

2.Installation Type 

There are several types of installations available for basement egress windows. For instance, people can choose pre-fabricated windows, custom egress windows, above-grade, and below-grade windows. Most basements require this below-grade installation, especially if the house is older. It’s because, in below-grade installation, there’s no need to cut into the concrete wall or foundation to dig a window well. Besides, there is an above-grade installation. In this case, one needs to open 5.7 square feet to meet the requirements of the building code. Also, one can install custom egress windows or prefabricated windows depending upon their preference. 

3.Property Type

The cost of the basement window is also determined by the property type. Generally, the structure type determines the type of services one needs along with the installation. For example, the older homes generally have a small window that requires resizing. So, there will be additional costs for cutting the window, removing the window, and resizing the window opening. This can hike up the overall expenditure. But, one needs to consult with an expert before the installation to be able to have a realistic suggestion. These are the few things that usually determine the price of the egress window installation. 

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