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Questions to Ask Your Egress Window Installer

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If you have decided to get an egress window for your basement, you need to find a proper contractor who will do the right job. To judge a contractor properly, you need to ask questions critically and judge them on their response. Getting a contractor without adequately vetting them will result in shoddy and inexperienced installation, higher bills, and delay in completion. Here are a few questions to help you assess your contractor. You can always build upon these questions on your own. 1. What Experience and Certifications Do They Have?

Installation of egress windows requires expert skills, and certifications are proof of their abilities. Certifications and experience show the capability and quality of the contractors. Based on their experience, the price may go up a little, but it will be worth it. 2. Can They Provide Any Examples of Their Previous Work?

Get references of their work to assess the quality of the work. If they have any projects nearby, you may ask to see them in person. Check online reviews of the contractor as well. The reason for this question is pretty simple: it is to validate the claims of the contractor.

3. Who Will Supervise the Work?

Supervision of the project is necessary to ensure that it is happening correctly. Contractors either have their own crew or sub-contract it to others. Asking questions regarding the supervisor will help you understand the individual's competency and judge if the work is in safe hands. 4. What is the Estimated Cost of The Installation?

Basement egress window installation cost varies based on your requirements, condition, and size. Some contractors also charge for consultation and estimates. Be upfront about finances to avoid surprise charges later. Ask about the contractor's payment regime and how frequently they expect to be paid. 5. What is the Expected Timeline?

Any reliable and experienced installer will give an accurate estimate of the duration of the installation. This will reveal their plan of action for the project. Vague answers often mean that the project is not well planned and will likely take longer than what they suggest.

6. How Much Will the Weather Affect the Work?

Weather is the most critical factor that will affect the installation timeline. Ask your installer if they work in extreme conditions and if the installation may get delayed due to weather conditions. Since contractors do not handle a single project at a time, if the weather does postpone their other projects it will push your installation further.

7. Who to Call if Something Goes Wrong?

Most egress window installers provide warranties on their products and work. Whether something goes wrong during the installation or after it, there has to be someone you could reach out to. Make sure to get proper contacts for any issues that may arise. It is better to hire the same company to do the work from beginning to end to avoid confusion and have a proper go-to person if something breaks or malfunctions.

If you wish to install egress windows in your basements, contact Adam Basement for a free evaluation.

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