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Why to Install Egress Windows in Your Basement Today?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you have a basement in your home, it’s critical to understand why you need an egress window. The egress window, also known as the escape window, is basically a second way to enter or exit an enclosed area, like a basement. This window can be beneficial in a lot of ways and can even help you escape during an emergency when you don't have access to the main entrance. Let's get to a few reasons why you should be installing an egress window today!

It Helps You Keep Your Basement Dry Basements are vulnerable to dampness if you don't keep a check on them. There is a high possibility that it gets filled with moisture because the basement is beneath the ground. There could be water seepage leading to mold growth. These issues will only vanish if you keep your basement dry. Natural light from an egress window can help with keeping a basement dry. Basement egress window installation can save you from having a damp basement and save the space from developing mold. Installing Them Will Raise Your Home’s Value

Building regulations in the US have made the installation of egress windows mandatory when you build or purchase a new house. If you own an older home or finished your basement and don’t have a safe basement egress, you’ll need to have one installed before selling or getting your finished basement approved! A licensed and permitted basement can increase the value of your home.

They are Essential for Your Family’s Safety

Your family’s safety comes first. If you have a single exit basement, your family may have trouble exiting during an emergency. Having an egress window can save you and your family during life-or-death situations. There is a reason why the window type is also known as an escape window! They Assist with Limiting Mold Growth

If your basement is damp and wet all the time, chances are you are going to face a lot of mold and bacteria growth. If you don't want your family to catch allergies and infections due to mold growth, it's time to ventilate your basement with the help of an egress window. You can open it for a few hours in the day to assist with basement dampness!

One of the most important reasons for you to get it done today is to ensure you have an emergency exit available at all times. If anything goes wrong during the day, you and your family will know where to go and how to escape the house without getting into trouble. If you are ready to get your egress window installed as soon as possible, reach out to us today. We are the best company to provide you with quality egress windows at an economical price. Call us today!

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